Blake Lively Wished Taylor Swift A Happy Birthday...A Day Late


Well, Blake Lively had a pretty good run, but I don't know if she's ever coming back from this one: wishing Taylor Swift "Happy Birthday" a DAY LATE!

KIDDING, you guys, I'm kidding. I know it's not a big deal. Blake Lively if you're reading this, please don't get Ryan Reynolds to roast me on Twitter.

But for argument's sake, let's put this belated birthday post in the context of the celebrity Instagram world, where birthday Instas are the biggest of big deals.

Here's the post, which Blake put up very late on Wednesday night. (Taylor's birthday was Tuesday, December 13, so that's nearly TWO days late. Just saying.)


I admit, this is a pretty cute pic of Blake and Tay, so she gets points for that.

And here's the message Blake wrote:

People Who I Not Only Really Love, But Also Really LIKE, That Were Born Yesterday: Part 1 of 2. @taylorswift you know how I feel.

Yeah, that's pretty sweet, but I mean, I think she could have written a little more than that, considering the lateness and all— hold on, wait.

"Part 1 of 2?"

Yep, not only did our girl Taylor get her birthday post late, she also had to share the spotlight with someone else: Blake Lively's brother-in-law.


THIS birthday Insta, posted only moments after Taylor's, was for Bart, the husband of Blake's sister Robyn.

Blake wrote,

People That I Not Only Really Love, But Also Really LIKE, Who Were Born Yesterday: Part 2 of 2.@bart_johnson No one loves you more than @robynlively and I do. Clearly...

Ummm is it just me, or did Bart get a better birthday message than Taylor did?

For someone who seemingly has half the white women in Hollywood in her "squad," Taylor didn't get too many birthday shoutouts.

In fact, the only real birthday posts of note she got (not counting John Mayer's weird maybe-maybe-not shade) were from Gigi Hadid and Ruby Rose.


Gigi posted on Tay's actual birthday, writing

Happy Birthday to you T!! So inspired every day by what an incredible friend you are !!!!!!!! love you & celebrating with u in spirit xx

And Ruby wrote,

What does one even begin to say about this incredible woman. Happy birthday to one of most incredible, loyal, loving and generous human beings I've ever met.

I guess Gigi and Ruby are just true friends that way.

(DISCLAIMER: Again, I know this is not really a big deal. I KNOW. Again, please don't send Ryan after me, Blake.)

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