Blake Lively's Super Fit Stunt Double Reveals Her Favorite Exercise Moves


Now that we know Blake Lively's fitness secrets that she used to bounce back into shape after her pregnancy, it's time to talk about Blake Lively's clone.

OK, fine. Blake doesn't actually have a clone but she does have a super fit stunt double with a few fitness secrets of her own.

Meet Isabella Nichols, a 19-year-old pro surfer from Coolum Beach in Queensland, Australia.

Isabella has been surfing her way to the top since the young age of 9.

Not only is she the number one junior champion surfer in the world...

But she's also Blake Lively's stunt double in the movie "The Shallows."

In the new film, Lively plays the role of a traumatized, bikini-wearing surfer tasked with defending herself against a great white shark.

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, Isabella Nichols speaks on the struggles that come along with such a busy schedule. I mean, I find it hard enough to get up and go for a jog every morning.

Could you imagine prying yourself out of bed to win a surf competition before jumping on a plane and heading to the movie set of "The Shallows?!"

You'd have to be superhuman... or Isabella. The 19-year-old pro surfer said that one of the hardest parts about the intense lifestyle she lives is having to constantly separate from her family and "having to live out of a suitcase a lot of the time."

To top it all off, her grueling workout routine would probably make most of us curl up into a ball and die.

Seriously, even Isabella describes her own routine as "gnarly."

You have to be in amazing physical shape to be a pro surfer and Blake Lively's stunt double at the same time. I mean, THIS is how Blake looks just 8 months after giving birth.

How does Isabella do it?!

She sat down with the magazine to reveal her go-to exercises that keep her fit and ready for action.

First, she starts off with burpees.

These are great for my lower body plyometric power.

Then, she moves on to pull-ups.

I pull my shoulder blades down into their set position, then I pull my chest up to the bar above me.

Next, it's time for some boxing to keep her blood flowing.

Isabella's technique consists mostly of "straights, hooks, and uppers."

Isabella DOESN'T stop there. Sled pushing is next on the list.

It's great for my lower body strength and power.

Next up, try front squats with a barbell. These are great for improving your lower body strength.

Keeping my elbows parallel to the ground, I lower my torso, keeping my spine braced in its neutral position.

Finally, she closes out her go-to fitness routine with several sets of yoga flows to decompress her body.

This helps me unwind at the end of the crazy pace of the circuit.

If you had enough endurance to power through Isabella Nichols' intense workout routine, go ahead and unwind with a few yoga flows of your own.

After all, you just mastered the conditioning techniques of a pro surfer-stunt double hybrid. Consider yourself ready to take on the world.

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