Blake Lively Reveals Her Post-Baby Fitness Secret

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Blake Lively had a lot to say during her most recent interview addressing the post-baby body scrutiny many women face due to carrying extra weight after giving birth.

Now, the 28-year-old actress is opening up about how she was able to bounce back into the best shape of her life following her first pregnancy with 39-year-old actor Ryan Reynolds.

If you've been following Blake's pregnancy, you know that just eight months after giving birth to her first child with Reynolds, the actress was able to slim down into perfect shape as she geared up to grace the silver screen for her role in the film "The Shallows."

In the new film, Lively plays the role of a traumatized, bikini-wearing surfer tasked with defending herself against a great white shark.

If you know anything about starring in movies in a two-piece bikini, you know that getting into shape is typically the first thing on your to-do list -- and slimming down is only that much harder with a post-baby body!

Blake Lively sat down for an interview with The Sun, revealing,

I focused on training and eating well. It took two different trainers and a nutritionist to help me get into that sort of shape because it's not normal to look like that eight months after having a kid.

You're right, Blake. It's definitely not normal. Then again, not many new moms are following up their nine months of hard work with lead roles in Hollywood films.

According to the interview, Blake Lively's ultimate inspiration was Jessica Alba's post-baby body. Blake said,

Why don't I look like her after giving birth?

Despite her ability to work with the right trainers, seek guidance from expert nutritionists and map out an incredible diet plan, Lively is well aware that not every new mom seeking a post-baby transformation has access to the same resources.

Lively put it perfectly when she stated,

Women put pressure on themselves to look like a Victoria's Secret model after having a baby. It's absolutely absurd. It was my job to look that way.

Lively insists that the pressure stems from how women are perceived in society. She added,

Women are objectified much more than men in general.

The only thing pressuring this Hollywood actress was her lead role in "The Shallows." Blake admitted,

It's the name of the game when you are doing a movie in a swimsuit. You know there is going to be that bikini shot. But how cool would it be if there wasn't?

Blake, you're an inspiration to men and women everywhere. Men will hopefully learn to ease up on the pressure directed at women to look their best immediately following their pregnancies.

As for women, well, if you can transform your figure in eight months and still be considered human, so can they.

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