Blake Lively Reveals She Made Her Own Prom Dress In Touching Instagram Post

by Anna Menta

For all the gorgeous dresses we hear about on the red carpet, you don't often hear about the people making them.

But Blake Lively is making a point to bring dress makers to the conversation for her recent gown at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards.

And I do mean dress makers, as in, the people who physically put her dress together. Not just the designer name, which generally we do hear quite a lot about.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Blake very deliberately tagged all the people who helped complete her Golden Globes look this past weekend.

In the caption, she wrote,

Thank you to the group of talent it took to make this happen. I don't take it, or you, for granted.

Then she tagged Versace along with nine other accounts, all who contributed to her outfit, hair or makeup in some way.

And even more than that, she also posted a picture of the ladies who put Blake's dress together with their own two hands.

In the caption, Blake wrote,

It takes a village. Thank you ladies. I remember hand gluing plastic stones onto my prom dress. And I was (and still am) so proud of it. Can't believe this is what goes into a dress I get to wear now. so grateful.

In the photo, you can see the seamstresses piecing together the sparkly gold lining featured on the shoulders and pockets of Blake's Golden Globes dress.


Also, apparently Blake Lively made her own prom dress?

Or, at the very least, Blake Lively, who grew up in the '90s, totally threw a few bedazzles on her prom dress with an Elmer's glue stick.

The latter seems more likely to me, since Blake Lively grew up in a rich Los Angeles neighborhood and was already filming "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" by the time she was a high school junior.


Somehow, I just can't picture that girl sitting down with patterns from Michaels and sewing.