Blac Chyna's First Snapchat Video Of Baby Dream

A newest member of the Kardashian family was born on Thursday, November 10, 2016.

Certainly, the world is upset because of Trump, but these are the things we must hold on to: family, friends and the happiness of a new father.

Honestly, have you ever seen a person more happy than Rob Kardashian at the moment of his daughter's birth? He and Blac Chyna welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world today.

The couple had their first child together, Dream Renee Kardashian, this morning at around 9:18 am PST.

For us hungry fans, they even threw us a bone -- their first Snapchat of the pride and joy.

Rob Kardashian can be heard saying,

Look at your Kris Jenner haircut.

So adorable! We heard that the baby had a lot of locks and looked like her dad Rob, but that totally has a Kris cut!

Rob posted on Instagram earlier today that, while most people are saying Dream is his twin, she absolutely has Blac Chyna's nose.

Rob and Chyna agreed on the name "Dream" a long time before the little girl was born.

A source told People,

They named her Dream because they've always said she's a dream come true.

This is so cute, and I can totally relate.

My parents named me "Hope" because they looked at one another and said at the same time in perfect harmony,

Dear Lord, please don't let this child be a disappointment. We HOPE she can do something great with her life and not just write jokes for the internet. By the way, what's the internet?

Man, how right they were...

It was way back in May that Rob Kardashian and Chyna first said they were expecting a new addition to their family, and it wasn't soon after that he proposed to her.

He told People that he hoped to be the type of father that his dad had been,

I had a really close bond with my dad. I was only with him for 15 years. That's why I'm looking forward to having that long-term bond with my child and being funny and goofy like my dad was.

Have a truly amazing time raising your daughter, Rob!

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