Teaser For Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian's Baby Special

It's almost here folks, the moment none of us have been waiting for: the "Rob & Chyna: Baby Special."

Yep, in case you've forgotten, when you're a Kardashian (or married to one) the miracle of birth doubles as the miracle of good ratings.

That's why there's an entire special of E!'s "Rob & Chyna" dedicated to the birth of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian's baby, Dream, airing on December 18.

Based on this trailer E! released on Sunday, we can expect a lot to go down in the special.

We'll get Chyna and Rob in Lamaze class, King Cairo's extravagant birthday party, Tokyo Toni being herself, Scott Disick trying to be funny and, of course, the exploitation of Dream Kardashian's first day in the world.

Now, in this clip, Chyna's birth looks very scary and dramatic. In fact, we see her crying and she says,

I'm freaking out.

While I'm sure the process of pushing a tiny, live human being out of your body IS very scary, this level of drama is a little suspicious, considering Chyna also had time to do the Mannequin Challenge in the delivery room.

So it seems like Chyna cheered up at some point.

Of course, while the E! version of Chyna is just getting to the delivery room, the real life version is already working on getting rid of her baby weight.

She shared her weight goal on Snapchat last week.


Chyna's also been busy setting up Dream's social media empire for her. Homegirl's already got her own Instagram and her own Snapchat filter, and she's not even a month old.

Soon enough she'll have her own TV special, too. I think it's safe to say this baby is already more successful in the first month of her life than I'll ever be.

"Rob & Chyna: Baby Special" will air December 18 on E!.

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