Here's What Blac Chyna Has Been Up To Since Her Breakup With Rob Kardashian

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Chyna, girl, where you at?

Living her damn life, apparently.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian split for the millionth and final time, leaving everyone worried about Rob and wondering what's up with Chyna.

After a seriously tumultuous relationship, one TV spin-off and a false start engagement, Chyna is single and apparently ready to mingle (or already mingling).

In the months since the breakup, Chyna has been busy.

Her dating life

Back in February, she was spotted without her engagement ring and flirting at a Super Bowl party with Jamel Davenport as reported by Peoplewhich should have been our first clue Kardashian was clearly not the only man on her mind.

Since then, she's been spotted in a TMZ video shot by paparazzi with an unnamed man. When asked if they are dating, Chyna said, "Yeah, tell them, like, we're dating."

No confirmation yet if she was just being cheeky, but the guy sure does look like he's having a great time.

Her professional life

Leave it to Chyna to copy her baby daddy's ex-girlfriend's professional career. (Did you follow that?)

Chyna has come out with her own lip line as part of her makeup company, Lashed. While obvious comparisons and cries of "copycat" are to be expected, it doesn't seem to be keeping Chyna down, like, at all.

Chyna regularly rolls out promotional photos of products on Instagram, and the reviews online range from "To my surprise, I was actually into this product," from Refinery29 to "Lashed Liquid Lipsticks pass the test with an A+." from Bustle.

Her family life

I think I speak for all of us when I say baby Dream is hands down the cutest child to ever walk the face of the Earth.

Look at her.

I said, look at her!

Chyna serves us delicious baby videos and pics all the damn time and we can't get enough. Unfortunately, according to People, Chyna and Rob might be facing what they are calling an "ugly" custody battle.

Allegedly, Rob is never left alone with his daughter, and a source told People back in March, "Chyna wants full custody with Rob only getting visitations."

For Dream's sake, we hope the parents can resolve their differences peacefully.

Overall, Chyna seems to be doing just fine, and finding a balance between using the limelight for good and not evil.

Sure, it'd be nice if this ended with a happily ever after for her and Rob, but for now it looks like the two might be better off – finally, once and for all, seriously, we mean it this time – going their separate ways.

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