13 Celeb Prom Pics That Will Make You Feel So Much Better About Yours

by Alexa Mellardo

As spring (slowly) makes its beautiful intro this year, many of us are getting nostalgic AF about one particular day in high school.

Ah, prom.

While some of us had the time of our lives, others had a love-hate relationship with the idea of it (and all of the high school drama enclosed).

Leading up to prom, we browsed endless racks of gowns with our main girls. A Facebook page was set up to ensure no one in our class casually rolled up in the same dress… because that would just not fly.

We got out early from school the day of (heck yeah), and went out for lunch with the squad, before getting our hair and nails done up to the nines.

And, of course, the drama naturally unfolded beforehand about who would sit where at the tables, and whether we'd be cruising on up to prom in a party bus or a limo.

UGH, high school. Don't ya just miss it?!

We'll always remember prom, too, because our parents took thousands of pictures of us with our dates and friends. #PicsOrItDidntHappen.

And let's be real here: Many of us had plenty of insanely awkward photos in the bunch that our friends will use against us as ammunition until the end.

But, here are 13 celebrity prom pictures that will definitely make you feel so much better about yours.

1. Ellen DeGeneres

YASSSSSSS, Ellen... rocking that plaid gown like a freaking boss.

2. Blake Lively


Blake Lively looks absolutely gorgeous, no questions asked.

But... what's going on with your awkward AF hands, though bro?

3. Demi Lovato


4. Taylor Swift

Gotta love the white snapbacks and suits.

5. Ashton Kutcher


Ashton's straight up killing it on the dance floor.

6. Bethany Frankel

7. Lance Bass and Danielle Fishel


YEP, Topanga casually went to prom with Lance Bass.

8. Fergie


9. Jennifer Aniston


10. Kim Kardashian


11. Matthew McConaughey

12. Barack Obama

The casual *candid laugh*... we ALL do it.

13. Brad Pitt


I have to say, as awkward as this prom pose is, Brad Pitt kinda-sorta owns it with his date.