Billy Ray Opens Up About Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth In Sweet Interview

by Mary Kate Hoban
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These days it's hard to remember a time when Miley Cyrus was swinging from wrecking balls, twerking, and lighting up a joint on stage.

The 24-year-old former Hannah Montana star has gone through quite the transformation in recent months and says she's no longer drinking or smoking.

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She's also back with her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, and the pair seem to be doing better than ever. In fact, Cyrus gave fans an intimate peek into their relationship with her latest single, "Malibu," which she confirmed was about him.

And while she sings "the sky's more blue in Malibu," it turns out Cyrus has recently been spending a lot of time with her family in Nashville, Tennessee.

At the CMA Awards on Wednesday night, Billy Ray Cyrus opened up about his daughter and how happy it makes him to have her and Hemsworth at home.

He told Entertainment Tonight,

It's a lot of fun. It's fun when I see Miley coming at me on a Four Wheeler and that infectious laugh of hers. She's just really loving middle Tennessee. She actually said to me, 'God Dad, I remember why I loved it so much here.'

The proud dad also seems pleased to see his daughter back with Hemsworth.

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He said,

Liam's been here quite a bit. They both love the outdoors. They love Four Wheeling and the people. Both of them, Liam especially -- you know he's from Australia -- he's like, 'Man, the people here are so nice, and it's true.'

When asked about the couple making Tennessee a more permanent home, the 55-year-old revealed,

I kind of feel like they already have. They're in the yard, so they feel pretty relocated, and it's great.

Billy Ray, who co-starred alongside his daughter on Hannah Montana, is also proud of the music Miley is producing these days.

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Prior to the Billboard Music Awards last month, he told Elite Daily,

I love 'Malibu' and Miley's album… When I listen to it, I hear a lot of her roots. I hear a lot of the influences that I heard her playing as a little girl… you know, that she would… back in the day, maybe put on a CD as we were driving back and forth to the set of 'Hannah Montana' and she would be playing, you know, Eddie James and Johnny Cash… and all these great artists that a lot of kids at that time weren't listening to… I hear a lot of those influences in what she's doing now, and I'm loving it.

It sounds like Miley is returning to her roots in more ways than one.