Bella Hadid Shares Pic Of Kendall Jenner Stripping Because That's What Friends Do

by Katie Corvino

Sorry, The Weeknd, but Bella Hadid is done with your ass.

On Wednesday, the 20-year-old model spent the night with her good pal Kendall Jenner to have a girls' night out in New York City.

The two stepped out together for a casual evening, wearing tracksuits and rocking their hair in ponies.

After they hit the town, the friends went back to Bella Hadid's apartment to have a sexy photo shoot... because ya know, that's what BFFs do.

Kendall Jenner lay down on the couch and showed off the fishnet tights hiding under her pants while Bella videotaped the entire thing.

In the video below, Kendall Jenner looks like the star of some weird, sad porno.

However, the video was pretty short and chill -- Kendall just wiggled her butt around and showed off her toned abs.


YOU KNOW, JUST A CASUAL NIGHT! Haha, Kendall and Bella are just like us. *dunks head in toilet*


Bella Hadid has been spending time with friends and family since her ex and Selena Gomez started hooking up.

The two were spotted locking lips next to a dumpster outside Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica.


Since then, Bella Hadid unfollowed Selena on Instagram. A source also told Us Weekly Bella accused the "Hands To Myself" singer of using her ex.


The insider claimed Bella still wants to be with The Weeknd, but Selena "doesn't have any reservations about hooking up with Bella's ex.”

On top of that, Selena Gomez apparently "doesn't care" about Bella and Gigi since she isn't too close with Taylor Swift's crew.


Well, what does Taylor think about this madness? I mean, she is friends with both of them...

According to Us Weekly, the "Shake It Off" singer isn't picking sides so she can stay out of the drama.

Smart move, Taylor. Smart move.

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