A Backstreet Boy Gave His Newborn The Weirdest Name, But It Sorta Makes Sense


Having a Backstreet Dad sounds like it would be pretty cool... but not if it means growing up with a super strange name.

Unfortunately, that's what AJ McLean's newborn daughter has to deal with.

McLean is the latest celebrity parent to fall into the oh-so-famous Hollywood trend of confusing their babies' birth certificate with a Mad Libs sheet.

People reports that the boy band singer (I guess now it's technically a man band) welcomed his second daughter on Sunday... and then saddled her with the name Lyric Dean McLean.


Yup: Lyric. Between this, Apple Martin, North West and Blue Ivy, I'm honestly starting to think doctors in Hollywood are just asking new parents for whatever random noun they first think of.

As if having to introduce herself as "Lyric" for the rest of her life wasn't bad enough, her full name delves even deeper into the weird, faux poetic vibe by kind of, sort of rhyming.

Lyric Dean McLean. Say it out loud. I mean... I'm sorry, but I'm cringing.

Maybe she can turn Lyric into a more acceptable nickname? I think Lyra would be pretty, especially if she grows up to be a fan of the "His Dark Materials" books. Just a suggestion!


Of course, the name Lyric is clearly a nod to AJ's music career, so I guess it sort of makes sense for the daughter of a pop star.

Though he didn't break into fame until joining the Backstreet Boys at age 14, AJ had actually been training and performing as a singer and dancer from an incredibly young age, and is still performing in solo ventures and with the Backstreet Boys to this day.

I'm mostly just curious what lyric came to mind when AJ first thought of the name for his daughter. Clearly the best lyric to come out of his career was "Am I sexuaalll? Yeeeeeaahhhh," but I'm assuming that's not the one he was thinking of.

Well, I personally may not be a huge fan of the name, but it could definitely have been a lot worse (I'm looking at you Dusty Rose Levine), and Lyric already has a built-in bestie in her big sister, Ava Jaymes McLean, 4.

Plus, her dad is a freaking Backstreet Boy! Doesn't get much better than that (unless you're an *NSYNC fan).

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