Ariel Winter's Mother Is Shaming Her Daughter's Outfit Choices & It's Not OK

by Jamie LeeLo

It's one thing when haters hate, but it's another when it's coming from your own mom. Ariel Winter's outfit choices are now under fire from none other than her own mother, and it is so not right. Winter and her mom, Crystal Workman, have been officially estranged since 2015.

Winter is no stranger to the scrutiny of others, and is often playing defense for her fashion choices. She has admitted to favoring clothing that makes her feel sexy, which has been tricky for fans who know her as the very conservative younger sister in her hit series Modern Family to understand.

Hey, world! At the end of the freaking day, it literally doesn't matter what any of us think and the only thing that matters is how Winter feels. (Looking at you, Workman.)

In an Inside Edition interview published on Tuesday, Sept. 19, Workman said,

I just want to see her have respect for herself. And have some class.

Wow, wow, wow. Hey, Mom. Back off.

Back in May of 2015, Us Weekly reported that Winter won emancipation from Workman after a custody battle that lasted three years. Reportedly, after allegations of physical and emotional abuse, Winter was removed from Workman's household as early as 2012. As of 2014, Winter's older sister, Shanelle Workman, was named her legal guardian. Winter even has a tattoo of the date that she and Shanelle started their new lives together.

Michael Kovac / Stringer / Getty Images

In 2013, Winter shared details on her relationship with her mother in an interview with Teen Vogue. At the time, she said,

I had body insecurities when I was younger. I still do. Every girl has insecurities -- mine were heightened at the time because my mother wasn't supportive. Now, my sister is always making sure to tell me that I look beautiful... It's about learning to love yourself.

Sing it, sister.

For her part, Crystal can't help but fire shots, even when claiming she wants to make things right with her daughter.

In her interview, Workman continued,

I feel that Ariel is starving for attention. I feel that this is a cry for help from my child. Ariel was my baby doll, we were inseparable. Its time to fix your relationship with your mom. Every girl needs her mom and every mom needs her daughter.

Quick memo to all moms and women and people everywhere: It is a woman's personal choice and her choice alone what she does or does not put on her body, which, in effect, is said woman respecting herself. Please tattoo this on a body part you can easily see should you need a reminder.

Also, you know what? Why don't we let Winter speak for herself in her own words?

In a series of screenshots, Winter recently posted an Instagram rant defending herself. She wrote,

Something I wish people would realize… I am NOT trying to be featured on Snapchat, I am not trying to be pap'd everywhere I go, I am literally just LIVING and unfortunately, I can't do that without paparazzi following me around everyday. I'm not trying to show you my ass in shorts when I go to the grocery store. I'm trying to live my life. People wear shorts. People have wardrobe malfunctions. No one is perfect.

She continued,

I'm not a stylist! I don't know what to wear everyday so I look 'appropriate' or 'fashionable.' Also, screw having to always look appropriate or fashionable. For what? Society? Who gets to decide what is appropriate or fashionable???? I wear what I like and no one should fault me for that. I don't want people to constantly see me in the news for going to dinner, or grocery shopping, or anything. I want to be in the news when I ASK for it by going to a publicized event, or EVEN BETTER, when I have work out/coming out! So trust me, I don't want to see me in shorts putting water in my car every single damn day as much as you don't.

She also directly addresses those who have slammed her for bashing her mother.

I'd also like to address the tweets I get saying 'you accused your mother of sexualizing you yet you're a whore.' I was a CHILD being dressed like I was 24. I was 8-13 years old. I wasn't an ADULT as I am now. As you mature at 16, 17, 18, you further develop your own identity and can make decisions for yourself. As a child, you do what you're told regardless of what is good for you.

She concluded,

I'm an ADULT now, who can make my own choices and have my own identity. And just because I DECIDE to show my body occasionally doesn't mean I'm unintelligent or that I'm talentless or that I have no self respect. I have EXTREME respect for myself, I HAVE talent, and I AM intelligent. We need to move on from this stigma that women who are comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality are just 'dumb sluts.' I also just want to say that out of everything in the THR article, THAT's all anyone picked up. How disappointing. Do whatever you want people, just strive to please YOURSELF and NO ONE else.

Mic drop.

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