Amy Schumer Writes Letter About Beyoncé's 'Formation' Parody


Amy Schumer released a letter to fans addressing the music video she created for Beyoncé's "Formation."

The 35-year-old comedian danced to Bey's lyrics alongside her co-star Goldie Hawn while filming their new movie in Hawaii.

The video was released on TIDAL on October 21, and it seemed like a majority of people were deeply offended by the "parody."

Amy Schumer on YouTube

Twitter users started to share their outrage using the hashtag #AmySchumerGottaGoParty.

One user even wrote,

While everyone came together to hate on Amy Schumer, the star was crafting her response to the negativity in an emotional letter.

On Thursday evening, Amy Schumer shared a lengthy message to fans defending the "Formation" video she created.

She started off by explaining how much she idolizes Beyoncé and her music. She told fans,

She continued by describing what "Formation" means to her, especially during a time when we have a female presidential nominee running for office.  She shared,

Amy then clarified that the video she made with Goldie Hawn was not a parody. It wasn't meant to make fun of Bey and her work, but rather to inspire women to stand up and come together.

She explained,

In the end, Amy told her haters that she "isn't going anywhere." She's here to stay and will continue to do her best to spread love. She concluded the letter by saying,

Sorry haters, but it looks like this girl is here to stay.

You can read Amy Schumer's full letter here. 

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