Alessandra Ambrosio Went Topless On The Beach For Video

If you were frothing at the mouth over Chrissy Teigen's AMAs dress or Bella Thorne's sexy Snapchat she posted of her and her sister, I'd first get that mouth-froth situation checked out -- that might be rabies, dude.

Secondly, if you've already taken care of your rabies, you should watch this Instagram video below, which features a very topless Alessandra Ambrosio (AKA my sun and my moon):

Alessandra captioned the sultry Instagram video, writing,

Where there's sun and sand, we're happy! ALL NEW #alebyalessandraswim has landed at @everythingbutwater and @revolve: @marcosmellocavallaria #foreveronvacation

That sunset moment was so beautiful it made me cry... and it wasn't because of the sunset, if you know what I mean.

You really don't know what I mean?

I'm talking about the fact that Alessandra went full-on topless for this brief video. Do you have eyes or what?!

She posted another topless video on her own account, and it's even more sexual than the first one (if that's even possible).

The beachside clip is an advertisement for her swimwear line Alé.

And you know what sells swimwear the best?

A minute-long video that features people not wearing integral parts of their swimwear, that's what.

"Oh, you want to buy a car? Here's a promo video... that doesn't have a car in it." Boom! That's advertising, people. That's why they call me Tim "Donald Draper" McGovern, after all.


I'm digging this whole Ariel-just-emerging-out-of-the-water look, Alessandra.


Man, I wish I could be forever on vacation, but I'd probably just end up staying in and watching Netflix. I'm not cool like Alessandra is.



Sure, it's currently November, but hey -- thanks to global warming, November is the new July!

OK, our terrifying global reality aside, we hope this ad does the trick and helps Alessandra's swimsuit line out.

In the meantime, you can watch and re-watch and re-watch the video above... outside of work, of course. You certainly don't want to fog up your work laptop, do you?

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