Adele Dressed As Jim Carrey In 'The Mask' For Halloween


“Hello, it's me… seriously, under this mask from 'The Mask' it's me. Look *Adele pulls up mask* see? Great. Please put down my Grammy awards.”

Halloween is a chance for Hollywood's elite to prove they're better at dressing up than the rest of us.

It's honestly impossible to come even remotely close to competing with some of the ensembles that made their way onto the streets of LA over the weekend and then awkwardly again on Monday night.

I'm SURE there are entire design teams who make a large amount of their yearly incomes just getting staffed by stars to come up with unique and over-the-top Halloween costumes.

If there isn't, someone get on it. There is an untapped goldmine out there of upscale boutique Halloween experts.

Adele's choice was one of the more eccentric outfits that debuted on ol' Hallows' Eve, and she absolutely killed it.

Who else goes dressed as Jim Carrey from "The Mask"?

You ever get the feeling Adele was the girl who showed up to prom in a full pantsuit tuxedo?

While other stars usually take this day as an opportunity to show a little themed skin, Adele decided to show as little skin as possible.

Compare what she wore to other stars' costumes.

Demi Lovato corrupted one children's story to an unfixable point.


Kendall Jenner didn't even pick anything specific. She just went as the sexy concept of goth.


Kylie Jenner at least had some uniqueness to her outfit, dressing as Christina Aguilera from the "Dirrty" music video.

Was she even alive when that thing came out?


Adele looks at all of you guys with your short skirts and your beautiful midriffs and loudly proclaims in British,

This is literally Adele on Halloween.