Adele Congratulates Emma Stone And 'Moonlight' In Heartfelt Instagram Post

by Robert Anthony

We all know Adele deserves to be basking in her glory after dominating the Grammys this year, but she's too much of a class act to hog up the spotlight.

That's probably why the rumor about the 28-year-old English singer-songwriter breaking her Grammy award in half to share with Beyoncé was so believable. Unfortunately, it turns out that wasn't the case.

Adele was seen backstage trading in the broken trophy for a fresh one.

Rumors will be rumors!

Don't worry. Adele is still a selfless angel. The star recently took to Instagram to congratulate Emma Stone on winning the Oscar award for Best Actress.


The Instagram post, which has been "liked" over a million times, shows a pajama-clad Adele standing in front of a massive flatscreen TV as she gives the camera a firm thumbs up.

Adele also congratulated the entire cast of "Moonlight" for winning the award for Best Picture. She captioned the post,

Ah, Emma And 'Moonlight,' congratulations... So, so wonderful.

Winning an Oscar must be awesome, but winning an Oscar and a personal congratulatory message from ADELE?! The perks of being an Academy Award winner are to die for.

Here's Adele's Instagram post congratulating Emma Stone and the cast of "Moonlight" on their big Oscar wins.

Of course, the only thing on everyone else's mind was how Ryan Gosling and the rest of the "La La Land" cast might have been feeling following the giant flub during the announcement for Best Picture.

If only Adele had been seated in the crowd, she could have done something to salvage the situation...

Well, breaking the Oscar in half might not be fair to Mahershala Ali and the rest of the "Moonlight" cast, but if Adele were at the Oscars, she would have at least been able to sing the crowd a calming tune!

That'd be a lot more work than just chilling on the couch in her jammies, though.

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