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7 Celebs Who Totally Reinvented Themselves On TikTok

TikTok let these iconic stars shine in ways they never did before.

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TikTok has made celebrities out of a few people, launching their career into the stratosphere out of nowhere. Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae, I’m looking at you. For others, the video-sharing platform served as a chance to reinvent themselves. A number of celebs have been in the spotlight for a long time, but used TikTok to get a fresh take on fame. These celebrities who used TikTok to reinvent themselves racked up so many followers.

TikTok was the most downloaded app of 2020, and with good reason. The app’s trends and addictive algorithm of endless scrolling had everyone hooked while they were stuck at home during lockdown. It seemed everyone — regardless of age —had welcomed the app’s viral trends into their home. Even celebrities, in their sprawling mansions, seemed to get bored and downloaded the app.

Sure, TikTok is generally associated with Gen-Z but that didn’t stop celebs of all ages from joining the app. Everyone from tweens, middle-aged actors, Hollywood newcomers, and bonafide legends downloaded the app. For some, it even gave their career a facelift. After creating a TikTok page of their own, these celebrities became the unlikely heroes of the internet with comic relief and endless entertainment.

Jason Derulo

If there was a king of TikTok, Derulo would wear the crown. For now, he’s the unofficial king of the app, and his videos continue to consistently go viral. The “Ridin’ Solo” singer has made prank videos his niche, and they seem to get more intense every time. Remember the video he made pretending all his teeth fell out? If you’ve seen it, you know how unforgettable it is.

Other prank videos from Derulo have included him transforming into Spider-Man and another shaving his eyebrows. Thanks to his shenanigans, he’s now a mega-star on the internet. One fan said it best when tweeting, “Jason Derulo becoming a TikTok influencer is one I never saw coming.”

Charlie Puth

Another unlikely star of TikTok? Charlie Puth. Sure, he’s been penning chart-topping hits for himself and other artists for years, but TikTok gave the pop singer new life. He uses his page to show off his silly side, his genius-level musical talent, debut new music, and welcome celeb guest appearances from musical GOATs like Alicia Keys.

Lil Yachty

Before Lil Yachty joined TikTok, it had probably been a while since you’d heard his name. But the app put him back on the scene in a big way, and he’s happily embraced it. With 7.2 million followers and counting, it’s safe to say his fans appreciate the content he’s been serving up. Most of Yachty’s videos focus on humor, especially duet videos with other top creators. Just look at this viral video of him showing off a new hairstyle.

If you’re surprised to see Yachty rise to TikTok fame, he’s right there with you. "I ain't gone lie my TikTok was never supposed to get out now that it's been found I am embarrassed,” he said after his videos went viral.

Iggy Azalea

Much like fellow TikTok superstar Too Turnt Tony, Azalea’s fame on the app all started with ducks. Yep, she posted a hilarious video in September 2020 with her pet duck, and insinuated she stole it from a local park. Naturally, this got fans’ attention real quick.

Another one of her most viral videos included her “polar opposite friends check” video with JoJo Siwa.

Will Smith

Smith is undeniably a living legend, but with his emergence on TikTok the 52-year-old actor found himself a younger fanbase. Smith’s presence on the app is full of hilarious (and well-executed) prank videos, not unlike his fellow TikTok star Jason Derulo. The two have even teamed up to film TikTok videos together in the past.

With frequent cameos from his ultra-famous kids, Jaden and Willow Smith, the actor’s TikTok page is still growing each passing day.

John Mayer

Mayer joined TikTok in early March 2021, and it was instantly apparent he was there to bring the laughs. Taylor Swift fans may not have liked that he joined, but that didn’t stop his videos from racking up major views. When it came time to announce his new album Sob Rock several months later, TikTok proved to be the perfect platform to promote it. The most entertaining part of Mayer’s TikTok journey? His song “Ravioli Shoes.” Mayer released the song on the app in March, and it sent his followers into a frenzy.

JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa has always had a very niche audience, and a younger one at that. But after joining TikTok, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t know her name. The former Dance Moms star brought her larger-than-life persona to the app and made a big impression on new fans and day one fans alike. Oh, and she received major praise after using the app to share her coming out story, too!