'Outer Banks' dedicated a Season 2 episode to Carol Sutton, the actor who played Pope's meemaw.

The Outer Banks Crew Dedicated An Episode To 1 Of The Show's Actors Who Died

This was so touching.


Outer Banks is full of mysteries, but the ending of a particular Season 2 episode might cause an unexpected bit of confusion. In the final moment of Season 2, Episode 6, a message pops up the reads, “In loving memory of Carol Sutton.” The in memoriam tribute likely had fans of the show wondering who Carol Sutton is and how she was related to the Outer Banks crew. It turns out, she actually had an important appearance on the show that will forever be a milestone in her career.

Sutton played Pope’s Meemaw in the second season of Outer Banks, showing up to deliver an important reveal in the episode that was dedicated to her. Sadly, Sutton died from complications due to coronavirus in December 2020, so Outer Banks was one of her final TV roles. (She also filmed a part in the upcoming historical drama Freedom’s Path prior to her death.) Throughout her nearly half-century-long career as an actor, Sutton appeared in countless hit movies and shows, including Steel Magnolias, Ray, Eve’s Bayou, Treme, and Monster’s Ball. More recently, Sutton had roles in buzzy TV shows like Queen Sugar, Lovecraft Country, American Horror Story, and Scream Queens.

Sutton may have only appeared in one episode as Pope’s great-grandmother, but her part was massive in terms of Season 2’s story. Spoiler alert: Don’t read on if you haven’t watched Outer Banks Season 2, Episode 6, “My Druthers.” It is thanks to a visit with his Meemaw that Pope learned the truth about his relationship with the mysterious treasure hunter Denmark Tanney. Pope’s Meemaw revealed he is a direct descendent of Tanney, which means the mythical Cross of Santo Domingo is rightfully his. Meemaw had kept this relationship a secret for years out of fear that someone may want to harm Tanney’s descendants.

The revelation was a pretty big game-changer for the Pogues, and further embroiled them in the treasure hunting mystery of Tanney’s life. “The first season is the story of four kids who kind of stumbled onto this treasure by happenstance,” Pope actor Jonathan Daviss told Netflix Life. “This season, it’s like, no, there was a reason, and it’s very personal now for all the characters involved.”

Because of Pope’s Meemaw, the central mission of Outer Banks became more meaningful than ever in Season 2, and fans can thank Carol Sutton for that.