Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion are trading in their usual stage performances for an evening of foot...

Cardi B And Megan Thee Stallion's New Collab Has Nothing To Do With Music

The rappers are going long.

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Prep that footwork, because you’ll be hitting some three-step drops with Cardi B this week. In the latest episode of her Messenger Watch Together series Cardi Tries, the “Up” lyricist teams up with H-town hottie Megan The Stallion for some football fun — plus, an occasional fumble or two.

Since the show’s debut in late December 2020, Cardi B has stepped out of her comfort zone to experience some interesting adventures. Alongside industry friends such as Keke Palmer, Ciara, and Chloe Bailey, the rapper has engaged in everything from learning rhythmic gymnastic tricks; crafting a perfect sushi roll; becoming a farmhand; and conquering her fear of heights. Each episode sees Cardi’s charm glistening in its natural hue, and her reactions to these new experiences are incredibly relatable. Seriously, she broke a camera lens trying to serve her first tennis ball in a recent episode with her “Wild Side” collaborator, Normani.

In the exclusive, first-look clip below, Cardi and Megan are trading in their sleek lyrical pens for one-on-one training with members of the Los Angeles Chargers football team. Donning matching baby blue jerseys, the emcees polish up on their spirals, and it’s a hilarious sight to see. Both Cardi and Megan start with a few ball tosses as they’re coached to keep their hands and eyes steady for the perfect catch.

When the ball is thrown to Cardi, she fumbles but is immediately prepared to give it another try. They then integrate a three-step drop (a motion that builds momentum when throwing at a shorter distance, according to PlaySportsTV) while launching the ball, and Megan aces it.

“That’s what we do!” Megan exclaims as one of the football team members catches the ball.

Meanwhile, Cardi tries to catch the ball again, but it slips through her hands and hits her chest. She laughs at the botched catch and even playfully rubs the area where the ball landed before going into the next routine.

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Megan and Cardi then try a quick overhead pass, which one of the team members states works well when you “keep both pinkies together.” Like the three-step drop exercise, Megan successfully catches the ball and confidently boasts, “I’m finna join the team. Put me on the Chargers!” As for Cardi, she reassuringly repeats “my eyes, my hands” to the trainer before catching her first ball.

Cardi B’s Cardi Tries episode with Megan Thee Stallion will be available on Watch Together via Messenger and Instagram on Friday, May 27.

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