We Can’t Stop Watching This Arcade Game-Inspired ‘Stranger Things’ Promo


Could Stranger Things be any more '80s? It's set in the decade, chock full of movie references, and now it's paying homage to the arcade games of the era in a unique way for audiences to catch up on the first season. Yes, a recent Stranger Things promo is all about leveling up. Even the sound effects are taking us back.

In place of a typical catch-up, Stranger Things recaps its previous chapters in a fashion only Stranger Things could achieve. The clip shows different video game "levels" to take us through everything that went down, and much like the games we grew up with, various "inventory" is used to power up. That inventory would include -- what else? -- chocolate pudding and waffles, of course. We get to relive the gang's adventures of the past, all leading up to a battle with a Final Boss. And, no, it's not Bowser. It's the Demogorgon. The promo ends with a final score tally and then the dreaded, "To Be Continued..." text.

Man, we forgot just how much these kids actually went through. Talk about a crash course. And while it doesn't give us any sneak peek insight into Season 2, at least it slightly satisfies a taste for the signature Duffer Brothers '80s magic we've missed over the last year.

The Stranger Things promo game has been strong, offering clues and tidbits with plenty of style and nostalgic flair. The recent character posters have a retro design that makes them look like they've been stuck in your Trapper Keeper since 1984.

And the show is nodding at horror movies of the past, yet again, with this Firestarter-esque poster.

The Season 2 trailer offers up the biggest sneak peek at the fate of Hawkins, Indiana's supernatural circumstances. Will is still very much connected to the upside-down and we're reassured "nothing's gonna go back to the way it was" after everything that happened last time. It seems they're not only not going back, they're getting crazier and more terrifying than ever. Plus, we get a glimpse at what looks like Eleven's return.

We'll have to wait until Oct. 27 to see what the entire season has in store. In the meantime, excuse us while we watch this throwback refresher over and over.