This Is The Reason Calvin Harris Wasn't Taylor Swift's Date To The Grammys

by Eitan Levine

OK, everyone can calm down. Crisis averted. There is still some hope Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are a couple... for now.

Word on the street is it's been a rocky few months for Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris. Whether it's simply them growing apart after a year of Taylor touring or the fact Calvin likes to spend his free time getting his “ending” “happy-d,” there is a good chance we could witness the end of one of music's most powerful *cough* basic *cough* couples.

The grapevine has been buzzing since Monday night when Taylor showed up semi-stag to the Grammys, arriving at the awards show with Selena Gomez, which is like a friend thing -- I think. Holy eff, that would make the Internet explode.

OK, Taylor Swift-Selena Gomez relationship rumor I just created aside, the point is Calvin Harris and Taylor are seemingly not kaput.


A source told E! Calvin had a good reason for not showing up to the Grammys, saying,

He is working and in the studio.

The source added,

Things are great between both of them. Taylor had plans on going with Selena for some time.

This does kind of check out. For starters, Harris posted a bunch of super weird Snapchats from a music studio around the time of the awards show.

Also, he tweeted this on Tuesday.

Very excited for Calvin and Taylor to continue kicking the dead horse that is their relationship in 2016.

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