This Is What Calvin Harris Looked Like Before He Met Taylor Swift (Photos)

by Katie Corvino

Everyone listen up, this is important. There are currently rumors that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have broken up, AKA life as we know it is over.

You're probably crying hysterically right now, understandably.

There, there. It's going to be OK.

Just think of the good times, like this moment right here.

CAN WE TRAVEL BACK TO THIS, PLEASE? Look at how happy Calvin is. This is what your happy ending should have looked like, PAL.

In light of the breakup, let's check out what Calvin looked like before he met our great goddess, T.Swift. Maybe it'll help, you know, REMIND HIM HE NEEDS HER.

Say "hello" to the man, the myth, the legend -- 2007 was quite the year, wasn't it, Cal?


Check out those dark brown locks of love.


Those were the good days, am I right?


Long story short, you look way cuter when you have your bae with you. Sorry 'bout it.