BTS' tweets for RM's 27th birthday are so sweet.

BTS Shared The Cutest Candid Videos Of RM For His 27th Birthday

It's all about Namjoon today!

by Daffany Chan
The Chosunilbo JNS/ImaZinS/Getty Images

ARMYs across the globe are celebrating RM for his big day, and the outpouring of love is so sweet. The BTS singer celebrated his 27th birthday on Sunday, Sept. 12, and naturally, his fellow members paid tribute to the occasion on social media. BTS’ tweets for RM’s 27th birthday include the cutest candid videos. Check out how Jin, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, V, and Jungkook gave a shoutout to RM for his big day.

Fans from all across the world showed their love and appreciation for RM on Sunday as the beloved singer turned 27. Technically, he turned 28 in Korean culture given the difference in how ages are calculated. BTS’ Army even went as far as to declare Sept. 12 “Namjoon Day” in preparation for the birthday festivities. Of course, RM’s fellow BTS members also chimed in with their own celebratory messages, which had the internet buzzing. After all, BTS shared adorable candid videos of RM dancing and singing in the studio on their shared Twitter account. They also posted a whole slew of photos that gave fans a look into BTS moments with RM.

Suga kicked things off with a sweet message on the BTS Twitter account. “Our leader, happy birthday! my friend who has been together with me for more than 10 years! Happy birthday,” Suga wrote.

J-Hope shared a video of RM messing around in the music studio, along with the caption, “Honey voice.. Namjoon..Happy birthday my friend.”

J-Hope continued his chain of birthday messages with a video of RM showing off his dance skills. “Honey dance..namjoon,” he wrote.

J-Hope rounded out the collection with four photos of RM in different settings, including next to a pool and standing beside a giant blow-up character.

V shared a video where the camera looks through a lens that’s focused on a black-and-white picture of RM. “Naemjoon I’m the man too hbd,” he wrote. Fans were quick to point out the message is a reference to RM’s collaboration with Wale, “Change.”

RM responded to all the sweet messages from his fellow BTS members and fans by sharing three photos of himself: one where he’s holding an adorable pooch, a shot of himself next to a piece of artwork, and a photo of him on a bike, which references his recent solo release “Bicycle.” “I’m happy to be able to spend even my 28th birthday together with you all. Thank you so much for the unduly/generous birthday wishes in different and various places! I will become a more ample/sufficient ‘me,’” RM shared.

With the outpouring of sweet messages on Sunday, it’s safe to say that BTS and ARMYs around the world are celebrating “Namjoon Day” in style.