RM from BTS just released a summer bop called "Bicycle."

RM's New Song "Bicycle" Has The Most Chill Summer Vibe

Anyone else suddenly need to go on a bike ride?

JTBC PLUS/Getty Images

BTS is giving ARMYs so many gifts lately. Their recent single “Butter” is a catchy summer anthem all about new love and self-confidence, but that’s not all they had planned for sunny season. To make your summertime playlist even better, let’s dig into the lyrics from BTS leader RM’s chill new song “Bicycle.”

The track was released as part of BTS’ annual Festa celebrations, in which the beloved K-pop group celebrates the anniversary of their June 2013 debut. It’s also a big moment for RM (aka Kim Nam-joon) — the rapper hasn’t released a solo song since his 2018 mixtape Mono.

In a letter to ARMYs, RM explained he’s always wanted to write a song about a bicycle, and Festa motivated him to pursue a new solo project for the first time in three years. “For me, riding a bike always gives me a thrill/makes my heart flutter, but when I put my feet on the two pedals it always feels a big sad,” he said, according to a fan translation. “I always wanted to move the blurry scenery that I couldn’t quite capture while riding a bicycle into a song. A sad but exciting, a little cold but warm feeling.”

RM concluded by adding, “Every day is a good day. Let’s ride a bicycle if we’re sad! I’ll always do so.”

“Bicycle” is a great fit for all your summer playlist needs, especially as more and more people get back outside in this post-quarantine world. In case you haven’t already, you can listen to the serene track on BTS’ SoundCloud, and check out the English translation of new song’s lyrics below.

With two feet

I face you who can’t be seen

Me as always

A few centimeters of shaking

I wanna keep the bass down low

Already my heart is in weekend mode

I don’t see no open cars, no open bars

It’s not bad, a road that’s completely alone

The hearts of people floating like an island

A night that may never come

I walk across the horizon and roll again

To that vanishing point we set

If you’re sad, ride a bike

Let the wind be under your feet

Oh let’s ride a bike

Open your arms freely

Me nana nana

Nana Nana

Nana Nana Nana Nana Nana

Nana Nana

Let it roll sometimes

Like a bicycle wheel

I’ve got something to find

Like an afternoon snack

I fee like I’ve been living for this little moment

On two wheels, it’s a private mid-day dream

Feel the roof, smell the truth

Not far away a miracle

No matter what face you make, it’s okay now

What’s really precious is invisible

Take your feet off the ground

Tae that resembles that bird

Let’s float like an island

Dance with the wind

Yeah you can cry

When you’re happy, you’re sad

If you’re sad, ride a bike

Let the wind be under your feet

Oh let’s ride a bike

Open your arms freely