BTS Funko Pop! figures inspired by the group's "Butter" music video are available to pre-order.

BTS Collabed With Funko Pops For A “Butter" Collection

They’re already available for pre-sale.

The Chosunilbo JNS/ImaZinS/Getty Images

ARMY, your memorabilia collection is about to be updated because Funko created a new array of BTS-inspired Funko Pop! figures. On Thursday, June 23, Funko unveiled the new collection on Twitter, revealing this line will feature RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook in their iconic outfits and hair styles from the 2021 “Butter” music video. You’ll swoon once you see the figures because they include cool details, including mugshot signs with the members’ names and birthdates written on them.

This wave of Funko Pop! figures marks BTS’ third collaboration with the brand. The group first teamed up with Funko in 2019 for a collection inspired by their Love Yourself concept photos, while their 2021 line was inspired by their 2020 “Dynamite” music video. Considering how successful the single “Butter” has been since its release last May, it was only a matter of time before BTS and Funko would team up once again.

If you’re interested in getting the group’s latest collection, here’s everything you need to know about their new figures before they sell out.

Where can I buy BTS’ “Butter” Funko Pop! figures?

That depends. If you want to get each member individually, you can buy BTS’ Funko Pop! figures on Entertainment Earth, which is an online retailer that sells various action figures, toys, and collectibles. On the other hand, if you’re interested in the seven-pack of figures that includes every member of BTS, head to Walmart.

What’s the design of BTS’ “Butter” Funko Pop! figures?

The figures resemble each member of BTS’ look from the “Butter Music video. Here’s the breakdown.

  • RM’s figure features a black suit and pink hair.
  • Jin’s figure looks bold in white and with a brown mullet.
  • Suga’s figure has black hair and a black suit with silver accents
  • J-Hope’s figure is also seen wearing all-black and paired with blonde hair.
  • Jimin’s figure looks cute in white with dangling silver earrings and rainbow hair.
  • V’s figure also has cool details like a brown mullet, silver and gold accessories, and long eyelashes.
  • Jungkook’s figure pops with long, purple hair and eyebrow piercings.

How much are BTS’ “Butter” Funko Pop! figures?

The single figures are $11.99 on Entertainment Earth, while the seven-pack is $83.88 at Walmart.

When will BTS’ “Butter” Funko Pop! figures be available for purchase?

Fans can pre-order the figures on both Entertainment Earth and Walmart starting on Thursday, June 23.

When will BTS’ “Butter” Funko Pop! figures ship?

The individual figures from Entertainment Earth will ship in October, while the seven-pack from Walmart will ship in December.

The figures may not ship for another few months; however, if you want to make sure you’re able to snag some before they sell out, I suggest pre-ordering them ASAP.