Britney Spears posted that she filmed a movie called 'The Idol,' which is the same name as The Weekn...

Britney Said She Filmed A New Movie, And It Has The Same Name As The Weeknd's Show

Is it all just a wild coincidence?

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Upon finally being released from her stifling conservatorship after its termination on Nov. 12, pop legend Britney Spears appears to be living life on her own terms. So, does this mean she’ll be working on any new projects in the future? According to her Instagram posts, she’s got a couple of things in the works — including a new film titled, The Idol, which suspiciously shares a name The Weeknd’s new show on HBO. So, is Britney Spears part of The Weeknd's HBO show The Idol? Don’t get your hopes up for a collab just yet.

Spears drew speculation on whether or not she would be involved with The Weeknd’s new HBO series after announcing she was working on a project with the same name. “I just shot a movie titled ‘THE IDOL,’” Spears wrote in a Nov. 24 Instagram caption. The post itself featured a popular photo meme of an adorable cat sitting next to a full glass of wine. It’s a whole mood tbh. “It’s guaranteed to have hits and a lot [of] bright pics to put in my beautiful family’s faces !!!!! I hope you guys are having a merry ole jolly time cause I sure am,” she added. “If I go quiet from time to time, you can catch me with this cat somewhere.” So no, it doesn’t seem like Spears will be involved with The Weeknd’s new HBO show — per TMZ, the pop legend hasn’t been asked to join the series.

But just because Spears won’t be starring in the show doesn’t mean it’ll be boring: Per The Daily Mail, The Weeknd’s new HBO show is a six-part series starring Johnny Depp's daughter Lily-Rose Depp, Showgirls lead Elizabeth Berkley, Another World star Anne Heche, and singer Troye Sivan. While the show is sure to be a wild ride with this star-studded case, the official release date has yet to be announced.

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Instead of starring in the new HBO show, it seems like Spears will be relaxing and enjoying the holidays in light of finishing her own film, which (according to her caption’s cryptic reference to her “beautiful family”) seems like it could possibly shed some light on her longstanding feud with her family. And her feelings definitely don’t seem to be unfounded: In a court testimony released on June 24, Spears gave a troubling account of her life under the 13-year guardianship of her father, Jamie Spears. In the testimony, Spears explained how she was allegedly pressured to work against her wishes, pushed to take high dosages of mood-altering medications, and coerced to stay on birth control by her team of doctors, managers, nurses, and therapists. Jamie has continually denied oversight of these alleged abuses.

So while Spears won’t be involved in The Weeknd’s new star-studded HBO series, it seems like she’ll be taking a well-deserved break to focus on the things that make her happy.