Lynne Spears Said Britney's Relationship With Her Dad Is Just "Fear" And "Hatred."

Lynne Spears Said Britney's Relationship With Her Dad Is Just "Fear" And "Hatred"

She revealed the reported final straw that destroyed their relationship.

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Judging from Britney Spears’ June 23 testimony regarding her conservatorship, it was evident her relationship with her father, Jamie Spears, was anything but healthy. However, after her mother, Lynne Spears, spoke out about the trial for the first time, the details of how bad their fallout was came to light. Lynne Spears said Britney and Jamie's relationship has dwindled to "fear" and "hatred” at this point. Elite Daily reached out to a representative of Spears for comment but did not hear back by time of publication.

Lynne’s statement came via a July 26 court document obtained by E! News. In the document, she said she stood behind her daughter in her conservatorship trial and even offered to testify if needed. "I became involved in this conservatorship during what I will term a 'time of crisis' that began at the end of 2018 and continued into 2019," Lynne stated. She made it clear she does not believe Britney’s conservatorship is in her best interests.

For the first time, Lynne detailed the reported animosity that has grown between Britney and her father, who has been at the helm of her finances since 2008.

Lynne said Britney's feelings toward her father have "dwindled to nothing but fear and hatred" because of his "complete control" over her, recounting his reported "mistrust of her, his coercion of her, his 'bartering' with her over what she can and cannot do for whatever reward or punishment he is willing to mete out, his constant threats, and his decision-making over all aspects of her life."

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Lynne recounted more of what she’d witnessed over the years as Britney’s conservatorship case grew ugly. Her filing went on to claim Jamie "exercised absolutely microscopic control" over his daughter and had her security team "report back to him each and every detail of every action that takes place" at her home. "Such scrutiny is exhausting and terrifying, like living in custody," Lynne added.

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Lynne claimed there was one incident in particular that really drove a wedge between Britney and her father. "Of the actions that solidified the failure of my daughter's and Mr. Spears' relationship, the physical altercation between Mr. Spears and [Britney's] minor children, my grandchildren, was perhaps the most appalling and inexcusable, and understandably destroyed whatever was left of a relationship between them,” she said. Lynne appeared to be referring to the September 2019 incident where a physical altercation occured at Jamie’s house and Kevin Federline accused him of abusing their son, Sean. (Elite Daily reached out to Jamie’s lawyer for comment on the claims made within Lynne’s statement, but did not hear back by the time of publication.)

Lynne also backed up her daugher’s claims that the medical treatment she received was often given against her will. "I witnessed my daughter be compelled by that doctor, with the knowledge and encouragement of Mr. Spears, to enter a health facility that she did not want to enter, where she was threatened with punishment if she did not stay for medical treatment that she did not want to endure," Lynne wrote.

Lynne’s statement arrived on the same day Britney made a formal request to remove Jamie from her conservatorship. Her lawyer nominated public accountant professional fiduciary Jason Rubin to step in in the meantime, which the judge has yet to approve.