Lynne and Britney Spears, who recently said her mom "seriously ruined" her life.

Britney Said Her Mom "Seriously Ruined" Her Life With The Conservatorship

Her battle for freedom just got messier.

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It’s no secret Britney Spears has a complicated relationship with her family. She’s repeatedly called out her father, Jamie Spears, for reportedly abusing his power as her former co-conservator, as well as her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, for apparently not supporting her throughout her 13-year conservatorship. Now, she’s criticizing another one of her family members for reportedly playing a part in this legal mess: her mother, Lynne Spears. On Nov. 2, Britney Spears said her mom "seriously ruined" her life in a deleted Instagram post, blaming her mother for her legal battles and calling out Lynne’s manager, Lou Taylor, for her alleged involvement. (Elite Daily reached out to Lynne and Taylor for comment but did not hear back in time for publication.)

"Psssss my dad may have started the conservatorship 13 years ago … but what people don't know is that my mom is the one who gave him the idea !!!!” Britney wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post, according to Page Six and various outlets. “I will never get those years back … she secretly ruined my life … and yes I will call her and Lou Taylor out on it … so take your whole ‘I have NO IDEA what’s going on’ attitude and go f–k yourself!!!!”

She continued, “You know exactly what you did … my dad is not smart enough to think of a conservatorship … but tonight I will smile knowing I have a new life ahead of me !!!!"

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Britney’s IG arrived a day after Lynne submitted a petition on Nov. 1 requesting that her daughter's estate pay Lynne’s attorneys more than $650,000 for their involvement in Britney’s conservatorship case.

According to the court filing, Lynne's attorneys claimed that Lynne reached out to them as a “very concerned mother” to "help Britney free herself from what she saw as a very controlling existence." Lynne’s attorneys also wrote they took the responsibility of "researching and vetting appropriate qualified expert doctors" for Britney in May 2019, and later advocated for Jamie's removal from the conservatorship. The document read, "Lynne discussed joining the conservatorship as an interested party extensively with Britney and Britney enthusiastically agreed, and indeed asked her mother to join in the case in any capacity that would help to end her nightmare and the crisis she was enduring.”

Lynne's attorneys at Jones Swanson said their fees amounted to $840,000, but were "willing to apply a 40% discount" and ask for $504,000 instead. Meanwhile, her attorneys at Ginzburg & Bronshteyn requested $146,548 in fees.

Britney’s next hearing is on Nov. 12, and it will decide whether or not her conservatorship will be terminated. After that, Britney will have another hearing on Dec. 8 to discuss Lynne’s petition and the aforementioned fees.