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13 Times Blake Lively Was The Most Relatable Person Ever

Celebs really ARE just like us folks, even the tall, blonde, gorgeous ones who are married to Ryan Reynolds and best friends with Taylor Swift.

God bless Blake Lively and her Instagram account, because nothing makes me feel better about the world than Blake posting double-chin selfies of herself.

Honestly, she seems like the chillest celeb ever. She would be the perfect person to binge watch "Say Yes to the Dress" with, and yes, Blake, if you're reading this, that is an invitation.

For proof, here's a list of times she was basically the most down-to-earth celeb out there.

1. When she made the face all of us have made when FaceTiming

 2. When she totally kept up on her New Year's resolution... to eat lots of pizza.

3. When she loved Kraft Macaroni & Cheese just as much as you do

4. When she reposted her husband's selfie at the "Deadpool" premiere to point out herself in the very back

5. When she lusted after some top-quality tomato sauce at the grocery store

6. When she posted this touching comic in the wake of Alan Rickman's death

7. When she posted this awesome quote to empower herself and women everywhere

8. That time she shared the best family photo ever, and it was very, very '90s.

9. When she took this adorable selfie

And yeah, that's her BFF Taylor Swift in the background.

10. When she revealed Ryan Reynolds has some competition... with Bugs Bunny

11. When she apparently caught a seagull and looked super fly while doing so

12. That time she made a groan-worthy pun but we all loved her anyway

Her caption reads,

This fit dude, @donsaladino NOSE how to kick my butt (see what I did there)

13. And when she posed possibly the best "Who wore it better" question of all time

Bless. Go follow her on Instagram immediately if you haven't already.