Blake Joined 'Bachelor In Paradise' And Literally No One Knows Why


Whoever is casting this season of Bachelor in Paradise clearly does not have a finger on the pulse of who Bachelor Nation wants to see on their TV screens. On Monday's new episode, Bachelorette villain Blake joined the group in paradise, much to the confusion of fans and all the other contestants. So why is Blake on Bachelor in Paradise after such a disastrous showing on The Bachelorette? That's the question we're all asking...

The main reason everyone is so confused is that Blake was one of the least popular contestants on Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette. Not only did he have an explosive fight with fellow suitor Lucas resulting in a massive screaming match, but the show also showed him as being strangely obsessed with Lucas all season. In the end, the two erupted into a huge fight, where Blake screamed at Lucas about how unfunny he is (Lucas was best known for shouting "Whaboom" at various points throughout the season). Like... Blake was right, TBH, but he definitely did not handle it in the best way.

It was very clear right off the bat that nobody was excited to see Blake back on Bachelor in Paradise. Although people were kind of receptive to him when he walked in, the contestants had a lot of negative things to say in their individual interviews. And they made things even clearer when he started trying to find a date.


Since it's already so late in the game, and he didn't exactly make the best impression on The Bachelorette, most of the Bachelor in Paradise girls were not receptive to Blake. He first asked Raven if she would consider going on a date with him, and she flatly refused — she's already pretty coupled up with Adam anyway. He then tried his hand at wooing Kristina, but she turned him down, most likely to focus on her drama-fueled half-relationship with man-child Dean. Finally, Christen agreed to go on a date with Blake, but she didn't seem thrilled.

I have a feeling Blake's time in Paradise will be even shorter than his time on The Bachelorette.