On July 29, BLACKPINK dropped the music video for their song "Ready For Love" in collaboration with ...

BLACKPINK Dropped The "Ready For Love" MV, And It’s Major

They’re back and better than ever.


Here we go: BLACKPINK is back. The K-pop group surprised fans with new music ahead of their official August comeback. On July 29, the group dropped the music video for their previously unreleased song “Ready For Love.” They teased the song in their recent virtual concerts in the video game PUBG MOBILE on July 22 and 23.

BLACKPINK will continue with several virtual concerts for fans on the app through July. According to a press release, fans from North and South America can watch the concerts on the app from July 29 to July 30, while the rest of the world can watch it from July 30 to July 31. The shows will feature avatars of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa performing the group’s biggest hits.

Fans reportedly first heard a snippet of “Ready For Love” in the group’s 2020 Netflix documentary, Light Up The Sky. According to StyleCaster, at one point in the documentary, the group could be heard recording “Ready For Love” in the studio. They also reported that the film’s end credits confirmed a song titled, “Ready For Love.”

Although “Ready For Love” doesn’t appear to be on streaming services yet, BLINKs can listen to it through the group’s new music video in collaboration with PUBG MOBILE.

The “Ready For Love” music video is a visual masterpiece. The three-minute clip sees the girls’ avatars exploring a mysterious world. Rosé is chased by moving vines through a dark forest, while Jennie tries to escape a lightning storm. Meanwhile, Jisoo runs across a frozen lake that’s cracking beneath her, and Lisa finds herself in danger when she attempts to ride her dirt bike through a rocky wasteland.

Whether they take place virtually or IRL, BLACKPINK’s music videos are always a special experience.