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Lisa's 'Lalisa' Album Teasers Are Visual Masterpieces That'll Get You Hype

Can the album get here now?

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Fans have been waiting for what seems like forever for BLACKPINK's Lisa's solo debut. YG first announced it was in the works in June 2020. Over a year has passed since then and nothing has arrived just yet. However, her agency confirmed that will change soon because the star’s first single album, Lalisa, is on the horizon. To get prepared, here’s everything you need to know about BLACKPINK's Lisa's Lalisa, including its release date, singles, music videos, and more.

Lisa will be the third member of BLACKPINK to make her solo debut. First up was Jennie in November 2018 with the release of her debut solo single, aptly titled, “SOLO.” BLINKs waited three years until they got another solo release in January 2021 with the arrival of Rosé’s breakup banger “Gone.” They knew Lisa was next in line to share solo music, but they just didn’t know when to expect it. On July 12, YG finally revealed Lisa would drop music sometime during the summer of 2021. Since it can drop any day now, check out all the details surrounding Lisa’s solo debut below.

Lalisa’s Release Date

Fans initially believed Lisa’s debut solo single would arrive in June thanks to Harper’s Bazaar Thailand teasing the release in an April 16 Instagram. "This June, let's get ready for solo LISA! Let's see how fun her first song will be," the publication captioned a photo of Lisa. At the time, YG said the star was still working hard on her album, however.

After nothing came in June, the Korean outlet OSEN reported on July 12 that Lisa was filming the music video for her upcoming solo song and her debut would come shortly after. This time, YG confirmed it was true. “Lisa will film the music video for her new song this week. She will be making her solo debut this summer,” the agency revealed.

On July 30, fans got another update when Melon, a popular music streaming service in Korea, caused a frenzy on Twitter by sharing an August lineup of artists releasing new music, and Lisa was on it. Fans speculated her solo debut could happen at any moment.

They waited almost an entire month before they got another update from YG. It was worth it because on Wednesday, Aug. 25, the company revealed on Twitter that Lisa’s solo debut would kick off on Friday, Sept. 10, at 12 a.m. ET with the release of her first single album Lalisa.

Lalisa’s Pre-Order Date

Fans can pre-order Lisa’s first single album on BLACKPINK’s global Weverse Shop starting on Thursday, Aug. 26 at 4:00 p.m. KST (that’s 3 a.m. ET).

Lalisa’s Tracklist

Although fans don’t know what Lalisa’s official tracklist is, they do have an idea of a possible song title that will feature on the album: “What’s My Name?” Fans came up with the theory on July 25 when Lisa shared a picture on her Instagram Story featuring the phrase, “What’s my name?” in the corner, leading fans to believe it was a major hint at an upcoming track.

They also think another possible song title could be “The Show Must Go On” thanks to another one of Lisa’s cryptic Instagrams on July 6.

There’s no telling how many songs will be on the album, but Lisa’s bandmate Rose released a single album with two tracks on it, so fans can probably expect Lisa’s two songs as well.

Lalisa’s Physical Album Details

The black version of Lalisa will come with its own unique package box, photobook, lyrics paper, random photocard, random polaroid, double-sided poster, random rare gold photocard, and a random golden ticket. Meanwhile, the gold edition will come with its own versions of the same items.

The album will also be available as a “kit” that will include a package box, air kit, photocard set, lyrics paper, random polaroid, and phone grip holder.

Finally, BLINKs can also get a vinyl edition of Lalisa.

Lalisa’s Visual Teasers

On Friday, April 27, YG shared a visual teaser for Lisa’s solo debut. It showed just a glimpse of Lisa’s silhouette in red and in the background, fans could see lightning striking. The clip gave off an eerie feeling, spiking fans’ curiosity about what she’ll have to offer when Lalisa drops.

The second visual teaser came on Tuesday, Aug. 31. The latest clip showed Lisa standing in the middle of green smoke with a spotlight on her. Unlike the first video, which featured her in braids and wearing a red dress, Lisa was rocking long black hair with bangs paired with a crop top and baggy pants.

Lisa’s Solo Music Videos

According to a July 29 Naver article, Lisa has filmed a music video in preparation for her solo debut. It’s unclear which track it will be for, however.

Lisa’s Collaboration Rumors

There have been so many hints pointing toward a collaboration between Lisa and the record producer DJ Snake. According to reports, DJ Snake actually confirmed a team-up between them was happening in a series of tweets, but he’s since deleted them. He apparently also shared a snippet of a female artist singing on Instagram and tagged Lisa in it, but he deleted that as well.

He seemed to share another hint toward their collab on Twitter on Aug. 2. When a fan tweeted, "dj snake has been really quiet about the collab for a good while now.” The producer reportedly responded in a now-deleted tweet, "Everything Is Under Control - Shooting the video soon.” If it’s true, that means fans can expect to have at least two music videos as part of Lisa’s solo debut.

BLINKs, be prepared because Lisa’s solo debut will be here before you know it!

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