BLACKPINK will no longer accept fan gifts for one important reason.

BLACKPINK Will No Longer Accept Fan Gifts And BLINKs Are 100% Here For It

Don't worry, you can still write them letters.

THE FACT/ImaZinS/Getty Images

BLACKPINK has asked fans to leave presents at home next time they’re in your area. The K-pop group has one of the most dedicated fanbases out there, and BLINKS use any opportunity they can to show their fandom for the girl group. But moving forward, they’re going to have to show their love with different tokens of appreciation. The group has implemented a new gifting rule, which asks fans to put their money toward more charitable causes and nix large, tangible gifts altogether. It’s a tough pill to swallow for BLINKS, but these tweets about BLACKPINK's new fan gifting rule are passionate in the best way.

BLACKPINK made the surprising announcement in a statement shared by their label, YG Entertainment, on Oct. 12. “We would like to inform our grateful fans who always support Blackpink about fan support,” the statement began. Blackpink members have been struggling for a long time to tell you about the support and gifts that fans have prepared.”

It continued, “[BLACKPINK] would like to politely refuse the anniversaries (group debut anniversary, solo debut anniversary, birthday), broadcasts (music broadcasts, radio, entertainment), performances (snacks, donation wreaths), and postal gifts."

Instead, the ladies requested that fans channel that same energy into doing good for the world around them: “We would appreciate it if you could indirectly deliver the gifts and support you are preparing to convey your heart to places in need or for good things (instead).”

On Twitter, fans praised the girl group for their decision, pointing out that it was the most responsible one. “Blackpink urging their fans to not send them expensive gifts and to instead use that money for charity or those in need is just an example of why they are the best girls and I don’t ever regret stanning them,” one fan tweeted.

Another said they “applaud” the girls for their decision.

A number of people said the decision was long overdue, especially because fan gifts contain a lot of unnecessary packaging and aren’t environmentally friendly.

Overall, fans seemed touched by the group’s update.

It’s a bittersweet update for BLINKS who are used to showering the bandmates with presents, but their hearts are in the right place, and you can’t be mad at that.