Blac Chyna Says She Wants To See Receipts On Tyga's Regifted Mercedes

Speculation over whether or not Tyga regifted his ex's G-Wagon to his current lady, Kylie Jenner, is still swirling around the Internet like the dark clouds swirling over George Clooney's boat in "The Perfect Storm" (remember?).

Luckily for Tyga's ex, Blac Chyna, and Jenner, the stakes are way lower in this particular situation.

Think about it: The two of them could be part of a group of fishermen stuck on a boat in Massachusetts while a superstorm trifecta tries to swallow them whole.

Still, in a video on TMZ, paparazzi cornered Chyna for her opinion on the matter. She responded,

It is what it is.

Her response is very diplomatic, almost to a disappointing degree. Where is the drama? You're competing with the reality-TV-star version of George freaking Clooney!

Fans whose hearts and attention spans are tied up in this regifting debacle finally received a nugget of insider perspective when Chyna said,

I wanna see receipts.

Clearly, she believes Tyga handed her old ride over to Jenner.

With four words, Chyna assures these rumors will live to see another day, unlike the crew of Clooney's boat.

That being said, if anyone would like to regift me a Mercedes or even an old fishing vessel, I will 100 percent take it. I have no shame.

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