Tyga Bought Kylie Jenner A Brand New Ferrari For Her 18th Birthday

Most kids look forward to getting cars on their 18th birthdays and are happy to take whatever Frankenmobiles their parents see fit to throw their way.

Kylie Jenner is NOT “most kids,” OK?

To celebrate the sweet legality of his relationship with Jenner, rapper Tyga gifted the recent high school graduate a Ferrari 458 convertible.

Kylie Jenner got a Ferrari from Tyga for her 18th!!! pic.twitter.com/VpVlW0NQum — Lucy's Boutique (@lucys_boutique) August 10, 2015

NO BIG DEAL, THOUGH. Tyga had the gift delivered outside of West Hollywood spot Bootsy Bellows so anyone there to celebrate Jenner's big day could bask in its splendor.

The video of #Kylie getting her Ferrari from #Tyga she is cute screaming and says wtf pic.twitter.com/bbXs1kncbA — MAX (@ThisIsMax) August 10, 2015

Aside from Jenner's family, Kevin Durant, James Harden, Zayn Malik and celebrity couple Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid were in attendance.

According to TMZ, Kylie showed up to her family dinner on Friday in a cherry red 2013 Mercedes G-Wagon that had previously belonged to Tyga's ex, Blac Chyna.

RE-GIFTING. Kylie Jenner was spotted in a Mercedes G-Wagon previously owned by Tyga's ex Blac Chyna. pic.twitter.com/r47bKQHop9 — Fitzy & Wippa (@fitzyandwippa) August 9, 2015


A source close to Jenner's family claims, however, the G-Wagon was not a gift from Tyga to his new lady, and she was merely borrowing the ride.

Either way, good luck enjoying your station wagons, normals.

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