The 10 Biggest 'Pretty Little Liars' Moments To Get You Ready For The Finale


On Tuesday night, Pretty Little Liars fans will watch the very last finale of the show that has kept us at the edge of our seats for seven good seasons. It's the end of an epic era that has cemented the suspenseful series as an iconic cult classic.

But before we leave the Liars and Rosewood for good, let's go over some of the most meaningful, gut-wrenching moments in the show's history.

From accidental murders to purposeful ones to anonymously carried out missions that changed the Liars' lives forever — here are the biggest moments to remember from the show that will always have our hearts.

1. When Aria Killed Shana

Shana was Emily's associate and former teammate on the swim team at Rosewood High. She ended up being a helper for Allison and joined the "A" team when she found out just how terrible Allison truly was to the people in Rosewood.

After she hemmed the Liars up in a playhouse and threatened to shoot them all, Aria came up behind her with a rifle that she found and shot her.

This was Aria's first time shooting anyone, and she had a terrible time dealing with it after the fact.

2. When Emily Stabbed Nate

Emily found herself in a sticky situation when the Liars' stalker (OK, one of their many), Nate, backed her up in an unoccupied lighthouse somewhere in Rosewood. Nate tried to beat Emily up and stab her, but she stabbed him with his own knife first.

Like Aria, Emily had troubles dealing with the fact she had stabbed someone, even though it was truly in self-defense.

Caleb was also shot by Nate on this episode, but he lived.

3. When Detective Darren Wilden Died

For starters, Detective Wilden needed to die. He was a corrupt cop who was threatening the girls, had threatened Hanna's mom, and had some connection to Allison no one could easily pinpoint. There was no other way out of it with him.

His death was the source of a lot of mystery in Rosewood, with Hanna's mom, Ashley Marin, as the primary suspect. She did run him over with her car after Wilden threatened to "shut Hanna up." It's discovered in a later season, though, Charlotte (Allison's secret sister) is the one who killed Wilden.

Apparently, he wasn't dead after Ms. Marin hit him with her car and Charlotte shot him at another time.

4. When Mona Was Revealed As "A"

Now this was one of the craziest times in PLL history. We knew Mona wanted to get back at Allison for torturing her so mercilessly throughout high school, but she had also made such great friends with Hanna.

Since a lot of the dangerous things that "A" did affected Hanna, few people really believed that Mona was behind it all. But she was — at least we thought. Turns out, Mona was just one of the prominent helpers on the "A" team.

Her being outed as "A" was, however, a turning point for her entire character, since that moment revealed her tech savviness and ability to problem solve at an expert level. Mona later became a huge asset to the Liars once she jumped ship and got away from the "A" team.

5. When It Was Discovered Allison Was Alive

The girls had already suspected Allison was alive, namely Hanna and Emily. Her disappearance and the funeral her parents put on for her in Rosewood (which is the very first episode of the Season 1) led many to believe she was really dead after she had been missing for so long.

But when "A" set the girls up to die in a fire at the Thornhill Lodge, Allison came to the girls' rescue and pulled them out. The girls were semi-passed out so they could barely remember and believe they just imagined it. It's revealed in a later season Allison was alive all along, and was the one who saved their lives.

6. When Spencer Checked Into Radley

Dealing with their "A" stalker drove Spencer Hastings to abuse pills and eventually check into the Radley Sanitarium. This was a wild storyline because Spencer was usually the one in the group who helped keep everything -- and everyone else -- under control.

7. When The Girls Were Kidnapped And Taken To The Dollhouse

Kidnapping the Liars and holding them in an underground building called "The Dollhouse" was probably the biggest, most sinister plan "A" ever hatched. The girls were individually tortured and pitted against one another, an addition to being forced to dress up like dolls.

All of them dealt with something similar to PTSD once they escaped this Dollhouse.

8. The Discovery Of Mary Drake

Mary Drake was a former patient in Radley Sanitarium who the Liars initially believed had something to do with Toby's mother's death, who was also a patient there. It turns out Mary Drake is not only the estranged twin sister of Alison's mother, Jessica DiLaurentis, but she's also both Spencer's and Charlotte's real mom.

Jessica DiLaurentis adopted Charlotte from Mary Drake when she was still a young boy named "Charles" and raised her with her own kids, Jason and Alison DiLaurentis.

In some strange As The World Turns-type mess, Mary Drake poses as her twin sister Jessica DiLaurentis and seduces the married man living across the street who Jessica was sleeping with. That was Spencer's dad.

Right. Twisted.

9. When Charlotte Was Revealed As "A"

Alison having a sibling named "Charles" that nobody knew about was definitely a shock to the girls. Then, we also learned Charles transitioned and is now Charlotte, aka Cece Drake.

Add that to the fact Charlotte had a vendetta against the Liars, including her "sister," Alison, and you've got one confusing ball of hatred and deception.

10. When Emily Lost Her Swimming Career

It's easy to get caught up in the drama of the show, but it's actually all really sad when you really think about it. All of Emily's stress surrounding this "A" stalker contributed to her body not being strong enough to continue her swimming career. She went from being the fastest one on her swim team with a possible full scholarship to college to not swimming at all.

"A" really screwed with these girls' futures over some high school drama that only Allison caused.

11. When "A" Ran A Car Through Emily's House

This was just too dang much, especially since Emily and her mother were in the house when it happened.

12. When Aria Started Helping "A"

Talking about something to piss a fan off. Aria actually started helping "A" just so she and Fitz could finally have their wedding. That would have been halfway cute if she didn't do it at the expense of the rest of her friends, who have all risked their lives to save hers and kept her from going to prison for years.

It was also upsetting to have her join the "A" team in the very last season of the show because she could have easily told her friends what "A" was trying to force her to do and had them all hatch a plan to psych the jerk out.

It wouldn't have been the first time that happened, and since "A" was pressing Aria for information, that means he/she wasn't privy to everything going on. They totally could have tricked him/her.

Sigh. I Can't Believe This Is Over

Long live Pretty Little Liars. May this final episode be an ending we all can live with and may all of the girls get together for Instagram and filming reunions in the future, just to make our hearts smile every once in awhile.

The Pretty Little Liars two-hour season finale airs tonight at 8 p.m. Enjoy this one last trip to Rosewood.