Beyoncé's Clueless Reaction To Serena Williams Winning At Wimbledon Is Hilarious


Beyoncé and Jay Z were at Wimbledon on Saturday to see Serena Williams, and it's a no-brainer as to why.

Serena was playing for her seventh Wimbledon title and winning the trophy would mean tying Stefi Graf for the most major titles in tennis' Open Era.

Basically, Serena Williams was on the verge of the verge of history, a history which Beyoncé probably knows nothing about if this video is any indication.

A clip of her reaction to Serena sealing victory started doing the rounds on Twitter on Saturday, and it was hilarious for obvious reasons.

Beyoncé just came to support. She don't know a thing about tennis. https://t.co/am4ZSl3PYZ — F$ (@FUCCl) July 9, 2016

But if you think people online were going to judge Queen Bey, think again. The video inspired a chorus of response that was pretty much along the lines of "we don't know no damn thing about tennis, either, we just like Serena."

i don't know shit about it either. @beyonce it's cool. — F$ (@FUCCl) July 9, 2016
@FUCCl @JoshuaHoyos me at sporting events — kim hoyos (media) (@kim_hoyos) July 9, 2016
@FUCCl @tonystarking i can't stop laughing, she really is me — it me ✨ (@vhuex) July 9, 2016
“@FUCCl: Beyoncé just came to support. She don't know a thing about tennis. https://t.co/XYi0DTis0V” that's me LOL — BaeAndra (@DeeTrilla) July 9, 2016

And, really, who cares? She did her service to the internet by giving us so many meme-able pics.

You good, Bey.