Here's Why Serena Williams' Victory At Wimbledon Is So Important


On Saturday, Serena Williams won her second consecutive championship at Wimbledon, but the importance of her victory stretches far beyond the trophy she was awarded.

She ties Steffi Graf.

Serena's triumph was her 22nd in a major singles competition, which ties her with Steffi Graf for the most Grand Slam wins all-time in tennis' Open Era.

This means Serena Williams has a chance to break Graf's record in about two months when she competes for the US Open in New York City later this summer.

She can take the overall Grand Slam singles record.

If she wins the US Open, Serena will have one spot further to go in 2017 to become the winningest champion in tennis history point-blank.

Margaret Court won 24 singles championships during her career, which technically gives her the most wins of all-time. The reason a distinction is made with Court's record, however, is many of Court's titles came before the Open Era began, a period after which tennis changed significantly by allowing both amateurs and professionals to compete in major tournaments.

There are notable points about Serena William's championship.

There is now, for instance, reason to consider whether Serena is the greatest athlete in an individual sport, regardless of gender.

There was also the usual gushing from celebrity admirers...

#Serena I bow down. And am simultaneously uplifted. — kerry washington (@kerrywashington) July 9, 2016

...and of course, it's London, so you know royalty came to watch Serena's win.


Next stop the US Open in Queens!