You Probably Missed This One Thing In Beyoncé And Jay Z's Vacation Photos

Those of you clinging to the juicy marital drama of Lemonade can le-mon-et it go (shh, I know) because Bey and Jay frolicked around Hawaii, proving their love is alive and well, OK?!?!

Fresh off the first leg of her Formation Tour, Beyoncé joined husband Jay Z for some VERY JOYFUL beach prancing.

If anyone asks, they had a GREAT time.

Those of us paying close enough attention can see Yoncé decked out in lemons from crown to cleavage.

Beyoncé and Jay Z vacation in — Pop Crave (@PopCrave) June 21, 2016

The sartorial ode to her visual album says,

This adorable accessory is perfect for summer! PS. I will never forget what you did. Now Snapchat me while I swim!

Baby Blue joined her parents on their getaway but opted to play in the sand rather than partake in the new celebrity tradition of faux-candid beach romance photo shoots.

Passionate island escapes are a grueling job, but Mama Bey is here to handle it.

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