Ben And Lauren Reflect On Double Date With JoJo And Jordan: It Was 'Weird'



If you're a big fan of "The Bachelor," there's probably a good chance you're obsessed with Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell's relationship.

They're totally adorable and perfect for each other. WOW, I feel so alone.

The second episode of the couple's reality TV show, "Ben & Lauren," aired last night on Freeform, and it was even better than the first.

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Why is that, you may ask? Well, it's cause BEN AND LAUREN WENT ON THEIR DOUBLE DATE WITH JOJO AND JORDAN, LOL.

Since the first trailer dropped, fans have eagerly awaited the moment Lauren would reunite with Ben's ex, JoJo Fletcher.

If you recall, Ben was in love with both women on his season and had to decide between the two. Makes things kind of awkward, huh?

I hope producers picked a yummy restaurant to at least make part of the dinner appetizing.

ONLY KIDDING. On the double date, things were actually civil between both couples.

Ben and Lauren reflected on the experience afterward with E! News and said the whole situation was a little "weird."

Lauren explained,

She added,

Hmm, makes sense.

In the first episode, Lauren actually threw some shade at JoJo Fletcher. The couple was asked to give the new "Bachelorette" advice on her life post-show so they had to watch JoJo's entire season.

Lauren made note of how much JoJo brought up Ben and said,



Lauren also admitted to being hesitant about sitting down with JoJo. She explained,

Thank goodness things went well! That could have taken a nasty turn.

In their interview with E! News, Ben also commented on his experience reuniting with JoJo and shared  "it wasn't awkward."

WOW, exes can be friends? Who knew!

Ben also touched upon the real reason he wanted a TV show with Lauren. He shared,

Hey, I'm into it. Hopefully next week's episode is filled with just as much action and drama. JoJo and Jordan, will you guys have a TV show next?!

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