New Behind-The-Scenes 'Gilmore Girls' Video Will Pump You Up For The Revival


Hey, "Gilmore Girls" fans, just wondering: Are you guys OK?

Like, have your heads exploded from excitement yet? Are you sporadically bursting into tears of joy? Are you remembering to breathe and sleep and stuff?

Just checking because this has been a pretty amazing time for us, and it's about to get even better with this new "Gilmore Girls" featurette.

In case you're already losing your damn mind over the four-episode revival coming this Thanksgiving, Netflix released this nostalgic look back at the good ol' Gilmore days, in honor of the show's 16th anniversary today.

And the best part? We get some quick interviews with the returning cast on set, in their costumes.



Obviously everyone's looking a bit older — it's been nearly 10 years, after all. It'd be kind of weird if they didn't look older.

And they're all super stoked to be back in Stars Hollow. At one point Alexis Bledel says,

We never could have imagined that we'd get a chance to come back.

Listening to everyone in the cast reflect on the greatness of the show, seeing all those classic clips and hearing that signature Carole King song... I admit, I teared up.

I mean, 16 years ago, the pilot episode of "Gilmore Girls" aired on The WB.

Now, we get to watch our favorite characters, all grown up, come back together again.

I feel like Lorelai watching Rory graduate right now.

In case you weren't aware, the original seven seasons of "Gilmore Girls" is currently streaming on Netflix. Hurry up and watch it!

"Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" will premiere on Netflix on November 25.