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Michelle Young had a 'Top Gun'-themed group date on 'The Bachelorette.'

Twitter Has Fully Chosen A Side In The Peter-Will Bachelorette Drama

Not the jacket!!!

ABC/Craig Sjodin

There have been a lot of historic showdowns in Bachelor franchise history — each season is “the most dramatic ever,” after all. So far, the biggest drama so far in Michelle Young’s Bachelorette season is over something pretty small: a jacket. Peter Izzo and Will Urena got into a huge fight over a jacket during their group date in the Nov. 2 episode, and Twitter has definitely picked a side.

It all started in the Oct. 26 episode of The Bachelorette when Will called Peter a narcissist during their group date and Peter did *not* take it well. Then, during their aviation-themed group date in the Nov. 2 episode, Will and Peter continued to butt heads. They fought pretty aggressively during the one-on-one fighting matches, and then Peter felt like Will copied him during the portion of the date when they expressed their feelings to Michelle, and then was chosen as the winner of the daytime date challenge. As a prize, Will was given a special bomber jacket, but Peter (not so surprisingly) didn’t think he deserved it. So, when Will left his jacket on the couch during the evening portion of the date, Peter took that opportunity to throw the jacket into the pool, and that's when the real feud began.

None of the other guys seemed to support Pete’s move, least of all Will. Once Will found out that Peter had tossed his jacket in the water, he was visibly upset. He said he felt like the jacket was a representation of his commitment to Michelle, so he got super emotional seeing it ruined. Considering how upset he got over the situation, Twitter was most definitely Team Will in Jacket-Gate 2021, regardless of how silly the situation was.

The guys all realized that the real issue with Peter’s jacket-throwing outburst was that it would upset Michelle if she found out about it. So, instead of alerting Michelle to the situation or arguing about it more, Will decided to quietly try to salvage his jacket from the pool himself, a move that Twitter very much approved of.

Hopefully the Bachelorette producers were able to set Will up with a good dry cleaner for his jacket.

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