‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Talking To The Producers Will Break Your Heart

by Anna Menta

It's only Episode 4 of this season of The Bachelorette, but Rachel Lindsay has already had more than enough stress for an entire season.

Amidst the typical bickering among the guys, Rachel broke down in tears during an on-camera interview with a producer.


Rachel told the producer she was feeling incredible pressure as the first black BacheloretteAs she cried, she said to the producer, "You have no idea what it's like being in this position."

The producer responded, "I don't. I don't at all."

Then Rachel said, "I'm not talking any more," and we cut to an early rose ceremony, still not entirely sure what the extent of the drama was.

To the disappointment of pretty much everyone, but especially Kenny, Rachel decided to keep on Lee, the not-so-subtle racist.

Instead she opted to eliminate Diggy — nice, glasses-wearing Diggy.


Some fans on Twitter speculated that that controversial decision might have been what had Rachel so stressed about being judged as a the first black Bachelorette.

But hey, Rachel's the star and she's in charge — who are we to judge if she wants to keep on a racist who's been harassing Kenny? (OK, maybe I'm judging a little bit. But I also understand she is in a difficult position.)

So it's goodbye to Diggy and his cute glasses, sadly. At least it wasn't Kenny!

It might have been a tough decision for Rachel to make, but unfortunately that's the way The Bachelorette works. It's an elimination game, girl! You just gotta do it.

There's still a lot of guys left, so we've got a lot more eliminating of men to come.

If there's one that's safe for the moment though, it's Dean. He and Rachel had a great one-on-one date on a blimp, despite Dean's extreme fear of heights.

Rachel seemed to love it, and Dean didn't die. That's a win!