'Bachelorette' Contestant Peter Tells Emotional Story About His Ex & We're Sobbing

by Jamie LeeLo

It's been an emotional night for Rachel Lindsay on the The Bachelorette.

Man Made Of Literal Stone, aka Peter, got a one-on-one date with Rachel and it was a whole thing, America. There was a helicopter ride, a dog sled ride, and some cuddling in the freezing snow... but their date was nothing but hot, hot, hot.

And emotional. It was also emotional.


During their dinner, Peter told a story about how his past relationship ended and it had us sobbing. While the ex he is referring to never met his family, she certainly left a big impact on Peter.

He explained,

The girl that I dated most recently, she actually never had a set-up meeting with my parents. It was never an argument, there was never fights, there was never hatred, there was never harm done to either of us, but we slowly started to drift apart. And I blamed myself for that, for a very long time. So I held on to that guilt for a very long time, of abandoning this women, who I loved, but who I could not give all of my love to. And I truly hurt her, and also hurt myself.


Rachel keeps her cool throughout the entire weirdly romantic story, and in the end gives Peter a rose.

Because duh.


Still, it has me wondering, like, wait a minute Peter, do you still love this girl? What about Rachel? What about me? What about US?!

Next episode, Peter will take Rachel to his hometown and guarantees his family will also fall in love with her.

We can't wait to watch all the action go down, and find out if both his mother and father have stunning jaw lines as well or if that was a happy blessing from God.

Peter. Never drive away from us. Please.