'Bachelor' Nick Viall On When He Knew Vanessa Was The One


Although we all believe Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi looked positively in love misery together at the post-"Bachelor" segment "After The Rose," I guess those cute engagement selfies make up for that.

Because posting about how happy you and your SO on social media is always a sign everything is perfect in your relationship. *Cough, no it isn't, cough*

Naturally, the question on everyone's mind is exactly when did Nick decide to go on bended knee with an $100,000 engagement ring for Vanessa?

In a blog post titled "Nick Viall's Final Bachelor Blog: The Exact Moment I Knew Vanessa Grimaldi Was The One," Nick reveals the time and place he figured out he needed to propose to Vanessa.

However, like a poorly written fifth grade essay, his thesis doesn't exactly appear in the writing -- at no point does Nick confirm this exact moment.

I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you cry, Nick!

That being said, I think the best possibility of this "exact moment" can be found in the description of his last date with Vanessa (well, not last last date... just the late date on the show -- they'll never break up... at least, not this week).

He wrote,

Excuse me while I gag profusely.

Nick then went on to talk about how attracted he was to Vanessa when she basically looked like Dudley Do-Right,

"Wow." So eloquent, this guy.

Another romantic hallmark of his date? Meeting the "real Santa." I'm starting to think Nick has been Buddy the Elf the entire time. He wrote,

Someone is going to have to tell Nick the truth about Santa. Vanessa, set aside an hour or so. Bring puppets in necessary.

Nick continued to talk about how he told her he was kinda still seeing someone at the time,

What I personally think won Nick over? You're not going to believe this, but I think it was just a jar of tomato sauce.

No, you don't know what I'm thinking, Nick.

What I'm thinking is how Vanessa on a horse, meeting a dude dressed as Santa, telling Vanessa you're involved with another woman and tomato sauce made you want to propose to her.

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