Kristina From 'The Bachelor' Has Cringeworthy Twitter Convo With Chad Johnson

by Adam Silvers

Monday night's episode of "The Bachelor" was once again filled with tears, goodbyes and Corinne, well, being Corinne.

At this point, Nick Viall is sending women home with the ferocity of a lion going after a wounded gazelle.

Here's a recap of Monday night's episode in case you missed it.

A hopeful "Bachelor" contestant says,

Nick, I'm really falling for you, and I can finally see a future with you.

Nick responds,

Yeah... I'm just not sure about this... I think I can honestly say I have stronger connections with the other women here.

*hopeful "Bachelor" contestant doesn't buy Nick's crap*

*Nick starts crying*

Hopeful "Bachelor" contestant says,


*Nick offers to walk her out*

This is literally how the last four episodes of "The Bachelor" have played out, and I, for one, am sick of it.

Let's be honest: This season is trash and the only good thing to come from it is the fact Rachel will be the next "Bachelorette."

OK, and Corinne.

However, there was a moment of real, genuine greatness that occurred during the most recent episode of "The Bachelor."

Just before Nick Viall sent Kristina home, everyone's favorite "Bachelorette" villain Chad Johnson tweeted for Nick to "back away" from Kristina.


So what, right? Chad Johnson watches "The Bachelor" like the rest of us. Big deal.

However, it appears Kristina follows Chad Johnson on Twitter, because she saw his tweet and asked him if he was applying to be her "body guard."


Chad Johnson, being the creepy dude he is, tweeted back a reply that made his intentions with Kristina crystal clear.


Yeah, the highlight of this past "Bachelor" episode has to be this cringeworthy Twitter convo between Kristina and Chad Johnson.

This response to the Twitter convo is pretty amazing, too.

If Kristina ends up dating Chad Johnson, I'll puke on myself. Then, I'll find Nick Viall and punch him in the face.

I'm over all of it. I just want to hang out with Corinne and Raquel and eat cheese pasta.