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Asking Justin Bieber Out On A Date Isn't As Hard As You'd Think

Who knew that all it takes is a quick, handwritten note to ask Justin Bieber out?

Well, I kind of suspected to be honest, but in case you weren't sure, Kelly Osbourne and Rebel Wilson now have proof.

They were at Jennifer Lopez's "All I Have" show in Las Vegas last night and saw Justin Bieber in the crowd. They decided to make a move on the Biebz, middle school note-passing style.

And it went pretty well! Maybe that thing with his new girlfriend isn't exclusive yet.

The entire encounter was documented on Kelly's and Rebel's Instagrams, much to the delight of future Bieber biographers, I'm sure.

First, Kelly and Rebel penned a quick note, getting straight to the point: asking him out after the show. Justin agreed.

Here's a selfie they took right after, if you need help setting the scene in your mind's eye.

Then, having got an affirmative response, the girls sent a followup to hammer the details of this shindig.

"Hold up," you say, "How do we know Justin was really getting these notes?" Don't worry, they have proof of that. Success!

Enjoy your Bieber date, ladies!

We never did find out whose hotel they went to, but alas, some holes are destined to remain unfilled.