Ariel Winter's Sexy New Tattoo Will Make You Want To Get Inked ASAP

So, what has Ariel Winter been up to these days?

The last we heard, she was on the set of her new film "Dog Years" in nothing but a bubble bath. Days after, she took to Snapchat and posted a series of revealing snaps worth gold. Two words: cleavage city.

This time, the "Modern Family" star is showing off some more skin on Instagram. The 18-year-old actress posted a photo of her new tattoo, and let's just say it's placed over one of the sexiest places to get inked.

Ariel Winter decided to go with a small tiger face on her upper back area. According to the photo caption, Winter paid a visit to Dr. Woo, a Los Angeles-based tattoo artist at Shamrock Tattoo known for his flawless, minimal, unique tattoo designs.

Woo has commissioned tattoos for other celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Drake and more. But, Ariel Winter's tiger tat? It might just be his best work yet.

Then again, he could've tattooed a poop emoji on her back and people would still think it's sexy.

Aside from hew new tattoo, Winter's been filming her new movie "Dog Years" where she sports a ton of fake tattoos for her new role as "an emotionally unstable young woman assigned to be the driver of an aging former movie star," according to People. Burt Reynolds, 80, will star alongside the 18-year-old Winter.

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