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Is It Just Me, Or Have Ariana's Arm Tattoos Totally Disappeared?

Fans have questions...

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Arianators, grab your magnifying glasses — an investigation is underway. Don’t worry, your fave songstress is just fine as she lives her best (married) life. But you may have noticed something slightly off about the Positions singer as of late. If you’re an Ari stan who’s already noticed the low-key change in the singer’s appearance, then you’re probs wondering: Did Ariana Grande get her arm tattoos removed? The evidence is quite interesting, to say the least. *insert detective emoji here*

Grande’s collection of tattoos is super cute — and also super noticeable. Rumor has it she has over 55 tattoos (which is WILD), and plenty of them are scattered in visible areas, like her hands, neck, back, and arms. As the 27-year-old pop star is both a high-ponytail queen and lover of sleeveless dresses, her arm and back tattoos are particularly ~high key~. Grande’s array of arm tattoos alone includes two butterflies, an Eevee Pokémon, the phrase “let’s sing” written in Japanese, and artwork from Spirited Away (in honor of ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson’s family).

In both selfies and red carpet appearances, Grande’s arm ink is usually on full display. But photos of the beloved singer at various events released over the last few weeks (such as her wedding on May 15) led some stans to believe that maybe, just maybe, she got some of her tattoos removed. Dun, dun, dun.

All the speculation started when Grande broke Instagram with those unforgettable pics from her intimate May 15 wedding. Fans were reasonably shook over not just the singer’s gorgeous gown, but the barren arms that it revealed. Not one arm tattoo was in sight — zilch butterflies, nada Pokemon.

Then, Grande slayed in yet another bomb AF strapless dress at the May 27 iHeartRadio Awards ceremony, which marked her second public appearance with not a smidge of any big arm tattoos in sight.

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At this point, stans were concerned — thus, an MTI (missing tattoos investigation) officially ensued.

While both Grande’s wedding pics and recent awards show appearance hinted at the possibility of their fave getting permanently un-inked, curious Arianators dug deeper and found evidence that suggests otherwise: Just three weeks ago, Grande posted an IG story pic where her two big butterfly tats were still totally visible. Since it usually takes one to two years for a tattoo to be totally removed by laser, Grande’s ink entirely vanishing in under a month is pretty unlikely.

Another thing to note is she got the butterfly tattoos early last year. At the 2020 Grammys ceremony last January, she appeared on the red carpet with a barely noticeable butterfly outline on her arm (right by the sleeve opening of her gloves), so it would be unusual for someone to change their mind about a well-done tattoo that fast.

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My verdict? Ari is probably just covering her big tattoos with makeup for the sake of ~minimalism~. At both her wedding ceremony and the iHeartRadio Awards, Grande was wearing a silky, elegant ensemble, so it makes so much sense that she’d want to keep things fancy by covering up her tattoos (even if they are cute in their own way). In the case that she is using a concealer to hide the ink, I have so many questions. Like, is Ari secretly advertising some new beauty brand she’s working on? And what is her makeup artist’s blending technique? I need answers, ASAP.