Cam and Emily's relationship status is still in question after the 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 2 fina...

Here's What We Know About Cam And Emily's Relationship After Too Hot To Handle

They ended on a sweet note.


The second season of Too Hot To Handle was full of scandalous drama, and one horned-up couple was responsible for most of it. British bombshells Cam and Emily were the first contestants to couple up right off the bat in Season 2’s premiere, and although they hit a few obstacles throughout the season, they ended on a very sweet note. Given how things ended, every Too Hot To Handle fan is wondering the same thing after that finale: Are Cam and Emily still together? The couple seemed so loved-up at the end of the season, and there are hints they could still be going strong.

Despite a lot of dramatic ups and downs, Cam and Emily were considered one of the strongest couples in the new season of Too Hot To Handle. The pair started off a bit at odds with the rest of the house since they couldn’t seem to keep their hands off of one another. In the first half of the season, they were responsible for nearly all of the money lost, but they managed to turn things around after confronting their issues. They briefly broke up after Cam got too flirty with newcomer Christina, but grew closer than ever when he recognized his player ways and apologized to Emily. Things got iffy again when Cam opened up about his fear of commitment potentially torpedoing their relationship outside the game, but Emily reassured him that she’d always be there for him. When Cam was put to the final test in the bathroom with Tabitha, he proved his player days were in the past by turning down a chance to hook up.


The couple evolved so much throughout the course of the show that Cam was even incredibly close to winning the $55,000 grand prize. He lost out to Marvin by a single vote, but despite going home penniless, he and Emily both seemed very happy to have found one another.

Unfortunately for fans of the couple, neither Cam nor Emily has confirmed whether they are still together after the show. Season 2 was filmed either at the end of 2020 or at the beginning of 2021, so if they are still an item, that would mean they’ve been going strong for about six months now. They are likely waiting until the finale has been up for a bit longer before opening up about their post-show relationship, but they do seem very chummy on social media. Cam has been liking and positively commenting on lots of Emily’s recent Instagram photos, and Emily’s shared fan-made compilation videos of the couple to her Instagram Stories.

Too Hot To Handle fans should keep their eyes on Cam and Emily’s Instagram accounts over the next few days, because they will likely reveal where their relationship currently stands very soon.